Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 6 (Badgley Mischka)

Today we’re live at the Badgley Mischka runway show.  I’m very interested in seeing this collection because I hear they have changed their style but, I hope still keeping it true to their normal elegant and classy look.  Let me look around the room and see who I see, awe I see Victoria Justice the mega star of her own show on Nick, she looks stunning, I also see Kim Kardashian with BFF Kelly Rowlands (who are matching very nicely), Audrina Patridge and LeAnn Rimes:

LeAnn Rimes Audrina Patridge and Victoria Justice Kim K and Kelly Rowlands Its time for the show to begin and the large LCD screen lights up and it looks like rich jewels but, of more golden hues which in turn illuminates the runway.  The first look comes out on the runway and it looks so beautiful, then the first look hits the runway. I love it, the silhouette is gorgeous and streamlined, very flirty and sexy. The colors are just wonderful and the hair and makeup is just as elegant and stylish, the colors are vibrant and classic:


This line takes you back a little to the late 80’s with the silhouettes and ruffles. What also struck me was the teals and purples and how nice they went together. When watching the collection come down the runway it was very cohesive, making statements of difference and not being shy about.  Badgley Mischka has changed but, they stayed true to themselves and their name:

BM21 BM12 BM13 BM15 BM19 I Know each piece keeps getting better and better, the details are amazing the collection is metamorphosing into something more breathtaking then the next piece. I can hear comments from people around me, and how Awe struck they are.  I feel like I’m not giving you enough details on this line, because it goes from ready-to-wear, business, weekend fun to the most elegant night on the town.  This collection travels through the life style of a very posh and glamorous woman!

BM37 BM38 BM11 BM20 BM21 BM23 BM24 BM25 BM26 BM28 BM29 BM30 This was such an inspiring and fashion forward look into the 2012 season! Thank you for allowing us to see into the imagination and creativity of such brilliant minds. see you all tomorrow we are only scheduled for this runway show today. Make sure you like our Facebook page to see all of our amazing coverage of the hottest runway shows and celebrities that attended MBFW!


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