Friday, September 9, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 1 (Tadashi Shoji)

It is still pouring outside and it is crazy, I know the weather is bad but, lord these people look like they just came out the Garden with there rain boots messy hair and lack luster outfits.  You all would be very proud of me, I’m rocking the cutest outfit in all this rain, but I’m glad we have somewhat of a early day. It is really crowded and very warm in here, every one has something in there hand fanning. Thank goodness it is almost show time they are getting people off the runway! YEAH! The plastic is being removed from the runway now and the lights dim then go black and the first look comes onto the runway!! OMG!! I just love this gorgeous strapless dress that looks somewhat like a flower, and the shading of the dress is is pure perfection!! I love the collection thus far, the next look is just as beautiful as the first and its a white top and skirt that looks like grass is growing from the waist band to the bottom of the shirt, I have to let you see this:

S17 S1 This dress is so cute and has such a great silhouette, and the fabric is beautiful, the shoes compliment this gorgeous dress. I mean each piece that comes out is more stunning than the next and the color pallet is wonderful, from the lime green, fuchsia, cobalt blue and Chiffon fabric is just Stunning!!

S18 S2 S3 S12 S14 See the fabric choices aren’t they breathtaking from the details on the shoulder the ruffles across the top of the cute little tulip dress, the balloon bottom of the tube dress. I love the complete carry though and totally cohesive, the thought that has been placed in the collection.  OMG!! I thought these where mind blowing please, the next pieces of this collection came out are going to take your breath and blow your mind all at the same time!! Chiffon with lace and the romantic feeling in this, I really can see so many Stylist running to get these looks for their clients walking the Red Carpet, Movie premiers it offers so many option:

S10 S4 S5 S6 S7  I know this is pure perfection its just everything that a woman would love to wear.  It would make you feel so amazing and you know you would be the talk at any gala.  I’m so happy that I attended the Shoji runway show this was just great! I could she him even being more opulent and show at Couture Fashion Week! I would like to introduce to the Mastermind behind this collection Designer Extraordinary Tadashi Shoji:


I really hope you enjoyed this collection as much as I did! I’m so excited and charged up from this Designer that I hope, tomorrow they just blow our mind all over again such a great Day ONE!

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