Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 2 (Rebecca Taylor)

I’m here at the Rebecca Taylor runway show, and I have to tell you all about my outfit I really look Fabulous, WHY no ran!! I’m Rocking DVF Miggy Printed Shorts, Baby Phat Jeweled Tee + Boyfriend Jacket, the Hottest pair of Christian Louboutin boot shoes Loving it!! The buzz in the tent is great and everyone is up socializing and taking pictures and the music is really hot we got Rhianna, Drake, even a throw back to Will Smith’s song Summer time and the shocker is Petra's song Pull Up to My Bumper.  I’m starting to think that this Designer is a little funky and we may be surprised with what she offers.

I’m excited its about that time they are getting people in their seats, and as you know the plastic is coming off the runway! I wonder what the music will be like for the runway show. The music comes up and its a remake of the old song “Just Be Good To Me” and its R&B singer Amerie’s version.  I really like this version and I believe that is her sitting on the front row. The first look comes out and just as true as the music was different so is the look the model has a white dress on that is very free flowing and she has tattoos, on the under sides of both arm, I guess you would like to see the look right:

RT1 I love the stark look of the model, and how the dress just pools at the bottom like drapes very cleaver! I’m enjoying the geometric shape and the color blocking elements are nice because Rebecca is using like silver/sequin and other metallic's such a great twist:


I have to say I would love to know where she got her inspiration from for this collection. I say this because, it kind of reminds me of quilting, you know how they put the fabrics together to make the quilted blankets, well this is very similar to this collection, which gives such a great illusion. Rebecca is hitting all the right notes in this collection I’m loving these quilted jackets and this ULTRA HOT Rain Jacket and the spring Parka is pure perfection! Rebecca Taylor is presenting this collection very wisely, by making it about the silhouette of a woman who is relaxed and very secure about herself and her body.

RT27 RT30 RT12 RT13 RT18Fabulous I thing Rebecca Taylor is a genius and very playful, which makes me think celebs that may wear this and the first ones that came to my mind are the younger Kardashian girls, Rebecca, you out did yourself for this up-coming Spring/Summer 2012!

Rebecca Taylor   

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