Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 5 (Betsey Johnson)

I’m coming to you live from the Betsey Johnson runway show! I love this particular designer, because its always so fun and about enjoying life and having funky beautiful clothing to enjoy it in!  The music is very trendy playing Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj and other well known artist are being played. Backstage is just Chaotic, models running around, hair and makeup a live DJ playing music for a good feeling! Back to who is in attendance of this runway show is Nicki Minaj who fits in here greatly with that outfit she is wearing-I love her off style, and she fits into the Betsey Johnson free spirited way!

Nicki Minaj

Another hot Fashion trend for this season that we saw on many of the runways the models nails, were just fabulous from bejeweled, reverse tropical manicures not so much in bright colors but, in like sapphire blue with the white oval at the cuticle instead of the tip.  I love it and plan on trying that ASAP. Plus, with the matte finished nail polish colors they have put glitter on top of the matte color to bump it up a couple of notches.  Well, its time for the show to start and the lights dim the music comes up and we get our first look at BJ S/S 2012 Collection! A beautiful white gown comes, with a corset bodies, this dress is somewhat different from what we normally see from Betsey, its very sexy and had like an old Hollywood glam affect. The models hair is deep wave set and the lips are bold full-color and just super Fabulous you have to see it:


The ruching is just beautiful and the little gloves are so amazing. This is a more sexy collection with flirty sheer fabrics and floral patterns and the textures and combinations are just Fabulous! From what I hear this collection is inspired by T&A, that is a very nice way of putting it. She wanted to have more curvy models and inspiration of Rock and Roll. 

BJ8 BJ2 BJ4 BJ6 This collection is so sexy and even has some really cute pieces that look more like something you would wear in the boudoir.  I liked some of this particular pieces for like Rhianna, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj, so cute very sensual:

BJ16 BJ17 BJ11 BJ15

I enjoyed all the elements of this collection and how Betsey Johnson, married all the pieces. In closing out the show Betsey did it in normal fab fashion, with her little dance and cartwheel and a split!


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