Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 2 (Nicole miller)

I just have to tell you this is really a great Fashion Week and the logo for it is just to cute as well I must show you if you haven’t seen it already:

NYFW 2012I know so fitting to everything that is taking place here at the Lincoln Center MBFW Tents. Everyone is just a buzz about the different runway shows they have attended. Then you have the journalist and stylist on their laptops and cellphones (much like myself) just running through photos and typing.  I love to watch the different reactions on peoples faces when they see the celebrities and how close they can get to take a photo, its a great energy. Yes, it show time and I’m poised and ready!  The lights dim and the music comes up and the first look are these really funky leggings and a long tunic with a hot leather jacket and the cutest booties very different I wasn’t expecting this look brilliant:

NM1I really am feeling the collection thus far by Nicole Miller because, she did retro with such a great approach to just freshen it enough that its not, “okay you didn’t know what to do.”  I love it because it brings me back to high school and my kind of funky punkish look.  I this type of look is very hot because, its not so structured, it can be playful, seductive, a little mysterious on top of daring. Nicole you have just become my Designer Shero!  

NM3 NM4 00050m I have to say I love the daring mixes of colors, patterns and textures-its bold and very well done.  This is the type of design that really could get out of hand and become such a mess.  Nicole miller having the cute shorts, leggings under skirts and then the perfectly designed dress, such a great imagination!

NM44 NM2 NM6 NM7 NM9This collection has such a great feeling, I’m so happy I got to come to this show! Nicole has done it again turning up the volume and moving forward!  The challenge is out be daring and bold this coming Spring/Summer 2012, give it a whirl you may just surprise your own self.

Join us for another great day of fashion tomorrow Day 3 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with the Fabulous team.


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