Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 3 (Vivienne Tam)

I’m here at the Vivienne Tam show, and speaking with several of the guest and spectators, everyone is waiting to see what this talented Designer is going to present. Everyone is a buzz, Thank Goodness they are asking them to take their seats!! WooHoo, the plastic is being removed from the runway (I’m so excited) and the lights are dimming!

The music comes up and there is a little pause and then the model comes out on the runway! Oh, such a cute red boyfriend jacket with a very flirty and slightly sheer short set, which has the greatest pattern, this collection is really starting off correctly:

V1I love the details along the blouse and how it kind of gives like a tie effect.  I like that the collection has a life, its girly and nothing is masculine about the collection.  I can see this line if you’re Vacationing and then there is another element that you’ll see as this progresses: V19 V2 V3 V6 V14 V18  

The color pallet is beautiful from blues, greens, reds it really goes with the season, the pocketbooks and clutches add such a wonderful touch.  The next few pieces that come onto the runway are nice for the office, going to meetings, doing brunch or lunch with the girlfriends, so Fabulous!

V29 V11 V15 V16 V19 V21Vivienne Tam has really brought the hotness, class and sass! OMG, you should see the last garment that she is closing the show out with the sleeves are dramatic and the color is so vibrant! Let me close off with applause, the introduction to Designer Vivienne Tam and her last look of her runway show:

V31 Vivienne Tam V30  This was a incredible showing by Designer Vivienne Tam and I’m extremely excited over being her!  Make sure you stay close to all of the action with Lapazimageing Fashion Forward, there is so much more to come!


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