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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 3 (LaCoste)

Good Morning, we’re up trying to get coffee and go over the schedule but, before we do this we want to tell you regarding Sunday, September 11th.  The President/CEO of our company feels that its better if we do not cover fashion week on this day, due to so many including those of us have lost friends, loved one in the Twin Towers.  In respect of this we will not be in attendance on Sunday but, certain Photographers (their choice) will be at the tents Sunday so please make sure you “Like” our Facebook page for full-coverage from Sundays’ Runway shows.

Now, for today we have a really nice schedule, and the line-up looks like this:

1. LaCoste: Covered by: Angel Wiserman- Jr.Style/Fashion Reporter

2. Jill Stuart: Covered by: Marisol Degaines-Sr.Style/Fashion Reporter

3. Vivienne Tam: Covered by: Angel Wiserman

*4. Monique Lhullier: Covered by: Marisol Degaines


We’re on our way over to the tents, I’m so ready after have such a fabulous day yesterday. I cannot wait to see what LaCoste is going to present cause as you know the have new blood at the helm now which is “Felipe Oliveira Baptista.”  I wonder what direction he is going to take the line for this coming season.  I’ve made my way into the venue and found my seat and I notice a lot of the basketball stars are here like Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony with beautiful wife LaLa Vasquez-Anthony, Chris Bosh with Andrieene Williams and Dwyne Wade, all of them look great:

Dwyane Wade Amare Stoudemire Carmelo Anthony wife LaLa Anthony Chris Bosh and Fiance Andrienne Williams  One thing we definitely know is that LaCosta is MAJOR with the NBA Gentlemen.  Oh good its almost time for the show to start, people are getting to their seats and now the plastic is being removed! Here we go, I’m loving the music it’s Bollywood meets NYC the first look comes out and it a young lady wearing a black short dress/excuse me it a short set which is kind of structured and gives some what of a militant look, then right behind that a male model comes out in a black pants set and he reminds me of a waiter.  Okay I don’t know exactly the direction this is going to take us but, I am ready to see if it is going to climax:

L10 L1 I love how they have the runway, its U shaped but on the Halogen screen it looks like a V shape and when the models come out it look 3D and they are walking a distance (very cool effect) I certain elements but, for me this collection isn’t cohesive and it lacks direction, its kind of scattered much like the music for this show. With this being stated I’m going to give you a look at the collection, introduce you to Felipe Oliveira Baptista.

Felipe Oliveria Baptista L3 L5 L6 L13 L23 L25 L28 L29 L30 I hope you enjoyed the collection I cannot wait to hear what you all thought of this coming seasons collection By: Filipe for LaCoste! Please remember to “Like” out Facebook page so you can see all of our coverage from this years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week S/S 2012! 

A quick reminder Lapazimageing Fashion Forward Will Not have a Day for this season.  In respect for all of those, including may from LaPaz who lost loved ones on September 11th.  Many of our Freelance Photographers will be at the show and we will have coverage (photos) from shows they attended on September 11th, on our Facebook site located at https://t.co/6CVFYQR We look forward to seeing you there!

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