Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 2 (LucaLuca)

Good Fashionable Morning!! I’m up for another glorious day of fashion, let’s see how it looks out this morning. OMG blue skies, Yeah that’s what I’m talking about!! I’m going to Rock it out today, seeing that I was so moved by the BCBG show yesterday; it is only right for me to wear my Black and White BCBG dress its 2years old but, it look good on me! Down to business, we have another great day lined up, and you may notice our schedule is lighter than last season, that’s because our Editor-in-Chief Sonya LaRae isn’t in attendance, and she set-up the schedule so we wouldn’t fall over like normally.  Our line-up for today looks like this:

                                 1. Luca Luca- Covered by Me (Marisol DeGaines)

                           2. Rebecca Taylor- Covered by (Angel Wiserman)

                           3. Nicole Miller- Covered by Me (Marisol DeGaines)


I’m off and running to the venue and I’m hoping the shows aren’t running 30min early like yesterday, because if they are I’m going to be late! I made it on time and found my seat its a great crowd this morning and you can tell so many are happy its not raining because, they look fabulous and the lady sitting on the side of me stated, “that she looked and felt a total mess yesterday.” I couldn’t agree more because even though my outfit was really cute my hair disagreed totally.  I think I see singer Jojo-yes that is her wow, she really has grown up and that sweet little innocent look is gone as well, now she’s grown and sassy. Let me see oh wow hold the phone I see Kelly Bensimon of the Real House Wives of New York (You know the crazy one), Hold the presses, shut the front door sitting directly across from me is Lindsay Lohan and she looks a mess but, I’m so excited to see and meet her!

Kelly Bensimon Linday Lohan Jojo 

I have to tell you, Lindsay is really nice and allowed us to take several shots, which was really sweet.  Kelly is a giant and I loved her pocketbook, but I really thought she was a supporter of PETA? Hey to me she either has Spilt Personality or Schizoaffective Disorder and that is just my lay-person Diagnosis.  Oh good they’re starting to clear the floor and people are moving slowly but moving at least.  Okay the lights are diming the music comes up and POW the first look appears and it is just so cute, the full-skirt is just flowing in the wind as the model walks and the sleeves are true perfection, OMG! the shoes are just sick!! I like the color pallet, plus how the pants are quarter length and have a slight angle to them, then a few models have bright pink lips or blue, I’m loving the feeling and the energy in this collection!

L12 ;L8 ;L9 L5   

I mean literally I just cannot begin to tell you how Fabulous this collection really is! From the shorts, the jumpers with the peek-a-boo shoulder cut outs, the very feminine silhouettes it’s very sexy and cutting edge! I love the jeweled tones, then we’re presented with this magnificent teal and cobalt blue pinstriped jacket and the pants are just so fashionably sweet that its like a sugar rush for you eyes!

L7 L6    

Just as your eyes where ingesting these phenomenal treats, Luca Luca switches it up on us again and brings out these amazing gowns that are melting down the runway. I know that we are going to see these gowns on the Red Carpet for any award show! Stylist are drooling and ready and poised to run backstage to see if they can grab a look for one of their clients.  i know our President/CEO would be the same way in all honesty, I would love to have this collection period:

L3 L1 L2 

I have to tell you this collection really is dazzling and breathtaking, I totally enjoyed this so much and to be able to bring all of to you all, is very exciting. This coming Spring/Summer season’s color pallet is bright and vibrant a little playful, classy and very sexy. Well I’m off and running to the next show, stay close to all the action!

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