Friday, September 9, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Day 1 (BCBGMaxAzria)

I’m really excited to be here for another amazing Fashion Week! My first show of this season is of coarse the BCBGMaxAzria show (Yeah ME!!), Max Azria never fails to just wow you with something spectacular. Everyone is making there way into the venue right now, I thing they have the same thoughts as I do, if you could hear the chatter right now is just beyond loud. This is another packed house for this Show stopping Designer.  Okay let me give you how the runway is set up its U shaped and setting inside the U which I’m so jealous because even though I am sitting on the front row, I would love to sit in the U because you really just have nothing to distract you! I’m really enjoying the music that is playing before the show, I hope its this good during the show but, hey with his collection some how or another I cannot hear anything but the collection speak to me.  Okay, its getting close to time now they are asking people to step off the runway and they are starting to remove the plastic from the floor, my heart just picked up a little bit literally clapping my hands inside!!  Wahoo, SHOW-TIME!

Okay the music is just as good as what we was listening to before the show, its like a kind of tribal sounding with a great rhythmic beat, very nice and then, the first look comes out and its this simple sheath dress paired with a flowing color block jacket. I like this look and how he is presenting the color blocking is very different and fashion forward.  I love how Designer Max Azria, has taken the Maxi dress in another direction its more flirty and flowing fabrics and the details are just perfection! I don’t think he can produce anything that would make you feel like okay may be not so great, because each piece that comes out is more breathtaking then the last.  I know you’re ready to see what I’m raving over:

B2 B1 

I told you its really such a gorgeous collection and very cohesive and complimentary.  I did think though regarding the models that instead of having the models hair slicked back with a wet look, that maybe they should have more of and easy breezy kind of look to their hair.  I love the back of the models hair you can tell that they first must have braided their hair to give the full-wave to it but, if they had done that and and then brushed it out a little would have given it just that pop.  Loving that this season is showing more of a natural look regarding makeup and a glossy lip is really very clean and fresh.  Seeing lots of uses of chiffon in the collection and loving the lime green that is in the collection and the corals and turquoise great color pallet that this Designer has introduced us to:

B5 B6 B4 I know breathtaking right look at the details on the top with the lime paints isn’t it just to beautiful for words and the shoulders being out are just has the right sex appeal to it in all honesty.  I know I just said the same thing I need each and everyone of the pieces in this collection in my closet!! Yes I know the jeweled sandals are such a nice accent to this collection!! I don’t thing this Designer can do any wrong because even last season we just was blown away!! I’m going to be the first to say that Max Azria must have been born with total creation and creativity in his mind and all that work with him must be the exact same way!

B11 B7 B8 B9 B10

I know this collection is amazing it was so difficult for us to edit and select photos for this piece because everything was so great.  All photos will be uploaded to our Facebook page make sure you like our page so you can see all of our coverage from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week S/S 2012! 

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