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X-Only is Bringing Style to the U.S.A.

We’re so excited to be hosting Fabulous Designer Patricia who is from Holland, here on Lapazimageing Fashion Forward! This breathtaking Designer is offering something so beautiful that she could only name it “X-Only.” The X-stands for-Exclusive/Exquisite, and I just had to find out more about her, the products and the company. “X-Only” was born out of Patricia’s desire for exceptional quality, exclusivity and a personal touch in an overall concept. We would like to introduce you to the acclaimed Designer Patricia. 

Patricia owner of Xonly2 Prior to developing her company and products, this Designer held a very high position at one of the Top companies in Holland but, Out of a love for the finer things (in fashion) and looking online, shopping at different shops, Designer Patricia saw a need for something different, made of high quality, exclusively unique and that is when the idea and birth of her company started to take shape and form. Through all of her many travels it was now time to launch X-Only, which offered Designer Patricia, the opportunity to produce the most fabulous Stoles/Pahmina’s in Cashmere, leather, suede and other fine fabrics.  Not only is this well traveled Designer doing Pashmina’s she is also creating the most beautifully custom made handbags (which we will go into further detail). What?! Oh yes, you read this correctly, I know you’re thinking “Where would you find something so wonderful like this?” Nowhere but, X-Only as their slogan states “Only For Y.O.U.” this company is bringing a fresh and elegant flair to the states. I think we’ll give you just a tease of what is being offered:

Pashmina1 detailing1

The intricate details of brilliant colors, patterns and designs are extremely breathtaking. You really can see this Designer has been influenced by the culture of India, but more so Nepal which sits between India and China. Nepal is a land of mystery, beauty and passion and there is a special flower linked with every occasion. Some flowers that are native to the area are: water lily, begonia, balsam, foxtail lily, orchids and musk rose. Designer Patricia stated: “their belief is the deepest emotions, feelings and passions and that is what I wanted to have and bring to each design that I produce.” We have to say we honestly feel this Designer has figured out how to place that passion and mystery into her collection and making it very modern and fresh.

Patricia is giving her collection a full range of creativity, fabulous definition, allurement and passion, which is also seen in the lovely handbags that can be costumed to match the colors in the Stole/Pashminas’. We just had to know “does she make each of the pieces herself?”Designer Patricia “No, I have located a wonderful company in Nepal(Side Note: This Designer has opened up great employment for the people there in Nepal) that I’m able to trust and I bring my designs for production. Plus I work very closely with them on the colors, patterns and fabrics and at times they bring certain fabrics and patterns to my attention that I will add to my collection.” I think right at this point we should give you just a little deeper look into this fabulous collection:

Pashmina3 jacket1 Pashmina2

Pocketbook2 Pahmina and pocketbook orange Pocketbook

I know we could not stop drooling over this Designer either. We love the soft butter like quality of the suede's and the textures are perfect, anyone would love to have one of these fine crafted pieces in their personal collection!! Not only can you select from the patterns that are already on the site, but you can custom make your own Pashmina or the color of your handbag!! I mean this is just ingenious of this Designer to bring such a great element into this industry and she is doing it with great easy and skill of hand.  Designer Patricia is bringing a little something for everyone, be you young or more mature in age you can wear and see yourself looking so chic and classy.  Dressing up a pair of jeans or looking stunning for a night out at the theater or dinning with great friends.  There is no longer a need to just have that boring run of the mill sweater any longer with this visionary Designer right at your finger tips.  If you can think it she can produce it and the color pallets she offers is large and a wide verity!!

This beautiful Designer has also decided to do something special for all of you who follow and are a part of Lapazimageing Fashion Forward and our Facebook page: LaPaz Image/Event Consultants located at  Designer Patricia, is hosting a Design Contest and (1)one of our followers, excuse me correction there will be (3)three Prize winners BUT, Only 1 Grand Prize Winner whose design will be selected made and given to the winner and will also be featured in Designer Patricia’s F/W 2011 Collection and sold on her site!  I know this is so exciting and we’re so upset that we cannot participate!!

This is the size and shape of the handbag you are designing:


Design Contest Rules:

*Designs must fit the handbag above (No pornographic materials or signage permitted)

*All Designs must be original and not produced by any other site, entity, company and no copy-writes (no monies will be given to winner via selection or sales of design on Designers website, store, showroom or any other way that Designer shows or sells product)

*You must follow our blog or Facebook page to enter the contest (

*Designs must be of the F/W color pallet that were seen on the Runways i.e. apple green, browns, eggplant, deep rich tones

*Submissions must be submitted in JPEG form and emailed to: 

*All Submissions must be in by Monday, October 31, 2011 by 2pm EST and winners will be announced and then notified via email on Tuesday, November 8, 2011


1-Grand Prize Winner (will win their original designed handbag & your design will be included in Designer Patricia’s F/W 2012 collection and sold on her site)

2nd and 3rd Place Winners (Will receive the handbag above and honorable mention)

Winners will receive handbags within 3-4 weeks after the selections are made!!

We wish you all well and X-Only To all of you!!


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