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Okay so yesterday many of you saw that @LaPazConsultant on Twitter yesterday broke the Story on Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries after only 72 days of being married that Kim is filing for divorce.  Some of you have seen it on TV by now but, here Lapazimageing Fashion Forward is giving you a little more inside on this story.

Kim K

A very reliable source tells LFF that Kim K. isn’t going to seek an annulment, she’s hired this high profile Divorce Lawyer Laura Wasser, who handled Marie Shriver’s divorce from the former Governor of California. This tells us Kim is going for blood, when she filed for divorce Tuesday, October 31, 2011. Odd about this date she filed for Divorce fell on Halloween, and Kim attended the Midori Halloween party dressed up as Poison Ivy. How fitting is that?  Reliable sources tell me and plus TMZ spotted the couple out for dinner and it wasn’t a happy meeting at all. My sources told me, that the couple sat kind-of-in the back of the restaurant where they would not be  noticed, it looked as if they were in a deep and heated conversation, and Kim was shooting Kris some major killer stares and looking away as to maybe see if anyone was listening or she wasn’t interested in what Kris was saying, and Kim barely touched her meal.  Then as you all saw on TMZ the pair (Kim & Kris) came out of the restaurant, and by the way came in separate cars. Kris got into Kim’s Bentley exchanged a few words which, she wasn’t interested in hearing, Kim kept looking away checking the mirror, then almost as if on que they gave the Photogs exactly what they wanted a little peck and departed from each other. 

For some reason all Hollywood couples use the same old reason on the Divorce decree “Irreconcilable Differences”. Please we’re so sick of this statement it should be band from the Dockets in the Court. I think if you’ve gotten to the point of divorce its a little bit more than Irreconcilable Differences, and the Courts should demand couples to just place I’m sick of his/her Mess!! Reports state that “Kris Humphries has been out  and about in Miami and New York parting it up, without his wife and looking rather single and flirty.  Seriously, come on, when was it that Kim really tried to be a wife?  I say this because after they went on the Honeymoon, had a great time, but as soon as they got back she went her way to do whatever Kim does and Kris was sent on his merry way, to do whatever in the world an on strike Basketball player does.  One thing we can say that Kris Humphries did, was attend Fashion Week not with Kim but, with Scott Kourtney’s Babies Daddy. We have proof of that because we shot the photos of the happy twosome:

Kris Humphries and Scott DisickThey looked like they were having a good time oh and before I forget (side note:Kim’s younger sister walked the catwalk and the family turned out but, when Kris’s sister walked the runway NONE of the Kardashian’s showed up Not even Kim) because they were free of the Kardashian twins oh, excuse me Kardashian sisters.  Now this is where it get good people, did you know Kim Kardashian made about $18Million from her wedding (yes her wedding you read that right), she was on the cover of People Magazine (Notice I said she was on the cover) we have proof:


You know she got paid for that. Then on top of everything she had to have the best wedding gown to top Khloe’s wedding to Basketball player Lamar Odom of the Lakers (Side Note: funny they don’t call him jobless and living off of Khloe’s dime and he’s on the same NBA strike as Kris Humphries).  Are you starting to get the picture? No, you still say, well Kim received a Million Dollar engagement ringKims Ring that Kris selected on his own, purchased on his own “DIME” that Kim’s Mother and her little Publicist (who is stuck to Kim’s hip) had to get in on by calling the ring “The Mouse” this way they could say we have known all along! Notice we stated his money, no one could believe he didn’t have her help and input into the selection of the ring and no one asked him how did you pay for that, because he has a career and works hard for the NETS!!

Let me put the real reason onto the table, a very reliable source tells me: That Kris Humphries would not drink of the Kardashian Kool-aid and that he didn’t go along with Mommy (Kris Jenner) being his manager, that he wouldn’t stop being a man ergo “Lamar Odom”.  Kim Kardashian, has had a game plan this whole time contraire to what you all may or may not have heard or believed.  She did her show Kourtney and Kim takes NY, she used Kris Humphries on the intro, for the shows ratings and during the shows filming all seemed just fine, other than the fact that Newlyweds had to be with Kourtney her babies Daddy and sweet little Mason.  Then right after Kim finished taping KKTNY and the shows wrap party Kim jets off with her mom in tow to Dubai “for business”.  There has been much speculation that this couple was on the rocks right after the lavish wedding that Kim had to have. Reports state, that Kim told a very reliable source that “She wanted the fairytale wedding and that they meaning the couple found the pressure of the TV show just isn’t what they could have handled.”

Um, excuse me?!! I think it was you and your mother that pushed that idea of the wedding being broadcasted, you are the one who set the unrealistic short courtship to Kris Humphries, you’re the one who shot down every single idea that Kris gave because, Y.O.U. had planned this wedding since YOU were 10 years old.. Come on please, what is she saying that the show pressured her to do this wedding and that the show made her act like the spoiled little brat that she is?  Which by the way, what was the title of the show? “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding” BOOM!! Anyway, we saw this coming because, Kris didn’t co-sign on her foolishness in the words of Kris “Kim, why are you acting like such a spoiled little princess and that everything you say must be done, when just a few years ago you was working in a clothing store?” Oh, that sent feathers flying and attitudes souring.  Then as many times as Kim and her sisters keep there mom waiting she goes off on him saying “how rude he (Kris) is for keeping her mother waiting and that it would behoove him that when Kris Jenner tells you to be somewhere that you arrive on time and just do it.” How full of themselves are they really?

On the show, Khloe came to her mother like a little snake, but pretended to make a“Good Jester” to see if her mom and Kim had protected Kim’s legacy. Khloe stated: “You know just incase something happened which we know nothing will mom,” Khole sound slightly as if she was hissing. Immediately Kris Jenner got on the phone to follow-up on this and we do know that there is a prenuptial agreement between the couple and that Kim doesn’t want to pay Kris Humphries Spousal support.  Now isn’t that something to just think over?  Other rumors that are flying around which before we get to that we read somewhere online that Kim spoke to a representative from People magazine and stated, that she told Kris then husband “She really prepared Kris to let him know that no matter what we do, there’s going to be rumors,” she told People. “It used to really upset me and now I don’t even thing about it.” Such lies she’s always going on and on about what is being said about her and crying crocodile tears in regards to it but anyway.  Rumors have it that she and Reggie Bush are mixing things up again. I don’t know how true or false this is but, trust me I will find out and bring this back to you once we hear more about this.


Well this is our dish on the Breaking News of the two time married and DIVORCED Kim Kardashian.  A little advice for the next man, if you cannot get down with giving up your last name for Kardashian, if you cannot have her mom, sisters, and the world up in your business and life and if you cannot handle Logging onto signing away and giving up anything and everything for (www) Kim Kardashian . (com, net and org) then do not put a ring on it and do not even start saying the big L word to this Family cause you won’t be just marring her you’ll be marring her family.com, Reality Show.net, World.org  This is just friendly advise. 

Kris Humphries, just be glad if you make it out of this with the shirt and shoes you came in with because nothing is worse than a delusional scorned woman.



Kris Humphries stated yesterday he found out about the divorce just like most of you via TMZ. I know that is just cold! Kim stated in her statement that “She and Kris are still friends and wished each other well” Hmm, how do you wish someone well when you didn’t even tell the person your divorcing him? Kris also stated “That he takes serious the vow that he took and he still loves his wife and will do anything to work things out.” That doesn’t really sound like a man who knew what that his wife was filing for divorce and that he supported and was 100% behind the whole thing. 

This is starting to smell more and more like a plot and we still say “Delusional scorned woman”.



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