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OOPS!! Did They Really Wear That?

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We’re always praising how gorgeous, fabulous and couture these Celebrities always look. We’re clamoring to get the shot and to hear who they are wearing, how many dresses they went through to find the right look for the Red Carpet. The celebrities are flaunting their looks, posing for pictures and ready at a whim to say who they are wearing. Then one day, when their Stylist takes a day off or they have no mirrors in the dressing area, they take to the Red Carpets and we go into SHOCK!!

Prime example is when Paris Hilton was at a Soiree in Spain and she Hit the Red Carpet in this:

Paris Hilton

I don’t really know what Paris was thinking with this outfit but, whatever it was just is WRONG! Black tights, Pink shoe, this pattern dress with huge flowers and the shagged rug of a jacket. Need I really say any more regarding this except OOPS?

That even goes for some of our Fabulous male celebrities that hit the Red Carpet or who attend Star Studded Gala’s you think to yourself “You couldn’t ask the Wardrobe Stylist from your show to give you a hand?” Ergo Alan Cumming of the Oscar winning show “Good Wife,” his character Eli is this savvy, suave and well dressed character:

Alan Cumming    

 Yes this is Alan Cumming we know its bad the geometric, psychedelic pattern just make you dizzy, and it has the nerve to be a pant suit. Alan, decided to wear this horrific outfit to the Star Studded Versace Gala for H&M Fashion Fete. I think even if this is Versace, he would not had minded if he didn’t wear this. All we can say is OOPS.

We’re use to seeing Lady Gaga at her oddest such as the Meat dress, the Rebirth in the egg, the feathered dress with feathers on her face and beading just to name a few but, when she received the Bambi Award, she wore this rather different gown that was just very odd and lived up to her style, for that very reason she receives the OOPS:

Lady GagaCarrie Underwood is normally styled just beautiful and very elegant. I don’t think she has ever been on the worst dressed since she won American Idol.  This wonderful singer always seems to make the right choices until Wednesday, when she was Co-Hosting the Country Music Awards (CMA’s):

Carrie Underwood   

 This dress looks like a hospital gown with some sort of tulle just pinned onto the front, which hikes the dress up on one side. Why would they do this to this Fabulous singer..Hmm? Maybe, that’s just it, they had to do something to stop this Award winning Fabulous Singer, who is married to a very hunky husband and handsome by the way did I mention her husband, is also a Professional Hockey Player. Need I say any more than OOPS..

Demi Lovato you know Kim Kardashian’s BFF, had a ruff year with the attempted suicide, drugs and what not. Demi really turned things around completed rehab, and is making music again looking Amazing, at parties and her music Video was just too Hot for words, but:

Demi Lovato This wasn’t the case, when she walked the Green Carpet for the 12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards. This Backward deep plunging gown just isn’t flattering to Demis’ curvy figure. The sleeves are too long, the dress doesn’t really seem tailored her new red hair is clashing with the gown and the bright red lipstick. Only thing to say right about now is OOPS. 

I guess sometime Celebrities have off days just like everyone else but, only bad thing is everyone sees when your Top celebrities make bad choices.  We’re going to give you a few more that we thought should have an honorable mention on our OOPS List. Katy Perry at the MTV EMA’s, Condolezza Rice at Glamour’s 2011 Woman of the Year Awards and Johnny Depp who just get’s so caught up and stuck in his roles:

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