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The X-Factor of HQ in Digital Magazines!

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Article by: Sonya LaRae Editor-in-Chief

Editor: Me-ah Roberson

Photos Provided by: Runway Magazine

The X-Factor of HQ in Digital Magazine

Many times when we hear/think Digital Magazines-our minds either run all over, just fall asleep or drift far, far away. Well Fabs, we found the true X-Factor in High Quality Digital Magazines it’s Called “Runway Magazine!” This magazine is bringing something different from all other Fashion Magazines! What!?

They’re giving you High Fashion, Editorial/Centerfold layouts, Fabulous photos, Useful and Valuable Articles and Amazing Shopping Experiences. There’s something Special and Elite for every age, race, male, female, Stylist, Designer or whomever that just loves Quality, High Fashion and Things that are FABULOUS!


Running Away

(Since we published this article it has come to our attention that we have a correction to make 

I know your minds just exploded and you just fell out your chair and hit the floor! Regroup yourselves and try to get back into your chairs.  Runway Magazine, did a soft Relaunch back in December on the 15th of 2010. Runway Magazine, hosted this launch party at the W Hotel in Los Angeles-California. Where they announced that Bo Nicole Carpner and her Executive team Jamie Brush-Executive Assistant/Junior Designer, Andrew Norman-Senior Designer/Account Executive and Judy Zhao-Senior Designer that make-up Designs by Bo,  would be taking over Runway Magazine. Bo Nicole Carpner is the Creative Director/Business Owner, who is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, who moved to San Francisco and the rest would become history.  Bo’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit lead her to develop, create and establish her Graphic & Web Design Firm in 2003:

REVISION: (From when we published our article we do apologize we found out that a few corrections needed to be made.  We stated that Bo Nicole Carpner was the Editor-in-Chief but, we recant that statement it should have read James Buccelli is the Editor-in-Chief of Runway Magazine and we also want to welcome Eleonora Genieve de Gray-Art Director who resides in Paris, France where Runway Magazine in published. James and Eleonora and the rest of the team bring great many different cultures into the magazine as well as giving a flare of diversity to this exceptional Magazine)Revision endedAll things Fab

Runway Magazine is going all-out, no area is being overlooked. From the Exclusive Event Calendar that shows the fabulous event(s) that are going to be taking place, special offers and much more on the calendar. Runway Magazine isn’t just for the ladies, its also for all the very Fashionable Fashion Forward Sexy Gentlemen, that are looking for hot ideas, great shopping- Trust me Gentlemen this magazine has you covered 100%:

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See I told you, I would never steer you all in the wrong direction, when it comes to all things Fabulous and Fashionable! I also found on Runway Magazine, they also have their own Television Station!! Now how exciting is this? Come on who else is giving you such Haute Couture! NO ONE!!  Runway Fashion TV:

RWTV  Well My Ever so Gorgeous Fashionista’s and Fashionisto’s please go and checkout Runway Magazine, I know you all are going to have an amazing moment with this magazine. I would love to hear what you have to say about you experiences. Oh and don’t forget to sign-up for their exclusive High Fashion Newsletter. I don’t know what else to say about my experience other than it was EVERYTHING you want in an X-Factor HQ Digital Magazine

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