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The End of a Fabulous, Fashionable 2011

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Well my Beautiful Fashionista’s and Fashionisto’s can you believe we’re about to say good-bye to 2011 and HELLO to 2012? I mean it seems like I was just sitting here and saying good-bye and HELLO to 2011 anyway,  you know I normally give you the sexy, hot and always Fabulous Look for your New Years Eve Bash!! This wrap of this season is what was hot, sexy, trending and some of the most whoa! moments in 2011.


2011 started in the Greatest way possible in our mind we could feel the energy all through January waiting for February 9-16 which is none other than……“FASHION WEEK!” YES it is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Couture Fashion Week, that is right on the heels of MBFW February 18-20.  Now MBFW & CFW is here and the Designers are just showing some of the most breathtaking, exciting and incredible collections. I’m so in love with this coming season’s looks that I cannot begin to tell you how amazing they were. We was treated to such a wide array the colors where like candy. here is your little refresher from Fashion Week:


Fashion Week was just breathtaking and exciting and just blew our minds! The differences between MBFW and CFW is so huge that I cannot begin to tell you. Every year I attend CFW makes me feel like I can stop MBFW. I love the setting of CFW we’re in the magnificent Waldorf Astoria Hotel, which is just Opulent and put you in the mood to see the gorgeous fashions. I know it was a wonderful way to start off 2011.  Hmmmm! The next trend for the Year 2011 moved in with a Real POP of color! It is none other than Makeup!! The Trend offered fun and accessible uses of makeup and gave us pretty in pink, a softer and sexier side in the makeup box:

Mstory Pink is beautiful

This color for the Lips, cheeks, eyes, top and nails splashed onto the 2011 trend meter.  Even some of the top Celebrities rocked this look in some different ways:

Lady Gaga loved it so much that she lent her celebrity to MAC for their brand VIVA GLAM collection. She believed in this so much that she even allowed them to down play her look and she also looked normal for the 2nd year in a row as the Princess of VIVA GLAM:

Gaga MacRight Lady Gaga was totally Fabulous in this ad and showed such a different softer side of her Mommy Monster self in 2011. Which rocked us right into the VMA Awards, I mean everyone was strutting their stuff on the Red Carpet this 2011 and we received a surprise from one of the Biggest Diva’s on the Map!! Beyonce let all of America know that she and her Rapper Mogul of a Husband J-Z are expecting. Major the press and everyone attending the VMA’s were just so excited and it caused a major standing ovation when she performed and at the end of her Song threw her jacket open and rubbed her very prominent belly: 


Which lead us directly into something a little more classier and more regal which only could be the Royal wedding. This brought more attention to all things Fabulous, Fashionable, Sexy and Oh so Alexander McQueen!  Alexander’s head Designer, Sarah Burton didn’t let him down in anyway what so ever when we took our first look at then Kate Middleton’s Wedding Gown:


Kate’s gown was very simplistic and had a very romantic feeling to it but, I think we expected more. We also was introduced to the Duchess little sister Pippa, who kind of upstaged the Duchess with her banging figure and her sexy gown by Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton. Also the Fascinator that are rather regular in England for ladies attending different events and wedding of the Royals.   The Fascinator became also another great Trend for the year of 2011:

Moving further into our ever so Fashionable year 2011  Americas Family and guilty obsession you know who it is stop pretending!! None other than the Kardashian came on the scene you know Kim Kardashian announced she got engaged to Basketball Player Kris Humphries who is 6’9” plays for the NJ Nets and is a Power Forward.  Needless to say, Kim had to one up her sister Khole and Lamar with her engagement ring which was about 20.5 Carat Diamond ring down to Kim’s Faux take of her Royal Wedding that would be aired on E! over and over again:

Then Smack in our face after only just a little tad-bit of time 72 days, which really felt like days to many that we chatted with this couple was filing CORRECTION In the every dramatic Fashion of Kim Kardashian’s Reality TV manner she files and flies off to Australia with her sister Khloe and brother-in-law Lamar Odom to pitch there line of handbags which by the way are to die for:

Kim K and Family handbag

Which then started the Trend for the celebs to Divorce your mate on Irreconcilable Differences which for me I feel the courts should NO longer allow this term. These Celebrities are going to go on some show with their head down and speaking softly ergo “Kim K”. Some of the ones that shed their ball and chain are: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Ahlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, Jennifer Lopes and Marc Anthony and biggest and most sloppy Divorces has to be Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver:

Other things that took place in 2011 where some of the Top Pop scandals, Good-Byes, Trials and I’m not your Babies Daddy issues. We saw Charlie Sheen go into a Drug, Drunken “WINNING” Tirades that low and behold was a winner for him because he got his self together landed a new show and is watching his old show going up in flames with Ashton can you say Winning? Opera Winfrey said good-bye to her talk show after 25 years on air. She stated she didn’t know exactly where this may take her or what she maybe doing. We found out quickly that Opera would be launching her own television network entitled OWN. Now how original was that just Taking her initials, at first she saw how hard it is and has been launching something so large but, she is showing other how success is really brought to reality. Biggest News or scandal had to be the Justin Beiber I’m not your Babies Daddy! It just came out in such a BANG and it went to sleep so quietly that you wouldn’t even know there was ever a Situation! Then  we saw Lindsay Lohen going to trial after trial, the one day in Jail and then the Judge got very Serious with Lindsay and that was that. Lindsay got herself together she paid her due by working at the LA County Forensic office completed. The everyone cried to hear that Regis Philbin would be Retiring from Live with Regis and Kelly at the end of November. We don’t really know what Regis will be doing but, we know we and everyone else will miss him along with Kelly for our morning cup of coffee:

Then to wrap up our Fabulous and always fashionable year 2011, has to be FASHION WEEK Spring/Summer 2012!! We took in MBFW and of coarse just like any of our other times of Fashion week we fell in love with the one and only Badgley Mischka, Carolina Herrera, Betsey Johnson and all the Celebrities that came to the show! This was our wonderful close of the year for us and how much we enjoyed bringing this to all of you, taking you backstage and the interviews just every part of MBFW was breathtaking!

This was such and amazing year and we’re looking forward to bringing you another great year of coverage by Lapazimageing Fashion Forward.  We would like to thank everyone that has followed us and that your support is greatly appreciated!! Next season we have some really Fabulous things we’re going to be sharing with you from our:

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Hope you all have enjoyed the articles and we hope you have a happy, Safe and Healthy 2012!!


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