Monday, December 19, 2011

Rocking Style at Any AGE:

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Photo by: Jeff Scott


I’ve been telling you all for a number of months that I was going to start capturing women of a certain age that are still rocking, stylish and always fabulous in their own Fashion Forward way, what keeps them looking so good.  Well, my Fabulous ones we have our first fabulous Street Chic Fashionable Lady who is really was rocking her own style! What caught my eye was this fabulous Floral pocketbook that she was carrying:

Talbots bag1

I know its such a lush, fabulous and fashionable bag by Talbots.  Yvonne G. of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania stated this pocketbook was originally $159.00 but, she got it for $12.99 which not only makes her an Amazing Fashionista but, she is also a Savvy-Fashionista. This shows that Yvonne, has a great eye for the unique, statement pieces and such a great way to rock this statement piece to draw attention to: The BOLD floral print on a great background, the golden hardware and along with the Fabulous Talbots logo is what makes this pocketbook a Too Die For Item.  Yvonne not only caught my eye, she also caught the attention of my mother and several other in the little bistro.  Then, as she came closer to me and I started speaking with Yvonne, I started to notice how beautiful her skin is and how warm and welcoming her eyes are as she spoke with me. Then Yvonne, stunned me when I asked her, if she didn’t mind me asking her age? She shyly answered well, I’m in my 50’s and I basically fell out of my chair (not Literally) I thought she was going to say in her early to mid 40’s.  This is what I call Mature Fabulousity and confident in rocking her style chicness (new word I made up)!! 

Yvonne was rocking this fabulous pair of Red Corduroy Slacks, a very soft-plush Dark Cable Knit Sweater and a beautiful detailed Scarf that just was draped around her neck that Totally completed her look, I have to introduce all of you to the Stunning Yvonne G.!

Yvonne2I not only enjoyed capturing Yvonne because she was natural and posed so organically in these photos.  The people around us was looking on and drinking in her style was great, and the comments after she walked away were just great.  I told those looking on that I was capturing her for an article I am writing “Rocking Style at Any Age”. The individuals stated I picked a great person for the article. Then like I stated above her manner just made me want to keep asking her questions but, she was trying to enjoy her lunch with her husband so I let her go.

In closing, I’d like to thank Yvonne G. of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for kicking off our “Rocking Style at Any Age” Thank you again Yvonne and I hope you feel I did this article justice! Wishing you and your Family all the best and Continued Success in Everything!


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