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Returning For Another Amazing Year In Fashion and Beauty!

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We’re excited to be back for another year and putting together another Fabulous season for all of you! Everyone here at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward, want to make sure that we bring you the full-experience in the fashion industry and bring more interviews with some of the the most talented individuals in the industry, plus some other great things we’re going to be doing during the season that you Don’t won’t to miss. Let’s go on and get into this article because I think you all are going to really enjoy this!

We thought now that the New Year is off to a Great Start, we thought we’d help you with your 2012 Cosmetic Must Haves for your Makeup bag. I hope that all of you have changed out your makeup and cleaned your brushes for the New year and don’t forget this is a Two week process.


1. Foundation: Many of you may have a hard time picking out your own foundation- Here is a really good tip for you, when you go into let’s say Sephora ask one of the Professional Consultants that work there to help you in getting the right color. If you don’t know where your MAC Beauty store is located visit your local Sephora store to make purchases.

Tip: You should use a foundation brush or wedge to apply your foundation and place a small amount on palette board you can also get them from any Cosmetic Boutique. This will illuminate any bacteria getting into your makeup bottle.



2. Concealer: Ladies I call this the Miracle in your makeup bag. Concealer hides a multitude of little blemishes and dark circles, if you apply it correctly you’ll look picture perfect.

Tip: Use your ring finger to stipple (Stipple-light dabbing motion) the concealer under eyes to cover the dark circles. Why the ring finger? It allows you to be gentle and you don’t won’t pull to stretch the skin under your eyes so be very mindful to be gentle when applying your concealer under the eyes.

Clinique Blushing  

 3. Blush: Are you blushing? Well this season you should try going with a natural shade of blush-With the natural shades of blush your going to look like your blushing, very sweet and simplistic. We loved Clinique’s new color Blushing.

Tip: Smile naturally-see the apples of your cheeks that’s your target- Using your blush brush apply in a circular motion to rounded cheeks. Blend up and outward toward your temples-You don’t want any harsh lines and blending makes the look softer.




4. Mascara: This is such a drop-dead Must have! We Love Clinique and L’Oreal- Clinique has the clump free mascara that the more you put on it only gets you a deeper look.

Tips: Do Not Pump the wand up and down into your Mascara tube- When you do that it simple makes air enter into your mascara and makes it cake up and become clumpy when applying. If you place the wand back into the tube and simply turn left to right it will place enough onto the wand to reapply to lashes.


eyelinner 5. Eyeliner: What woman doesn’t love eyeliner and the effects it can do to your eyes. The one important Must have is a glide on eyeliner because, of our eyes being so sensitive especially the rim of the eye lid.

Tip: It’s always good for you to use a soft eyeliner when applying to the lower or inner lids.


6. Allover Highlighter: This is wonderful! Mars is fabulous it has such great uses from highlighting, lifting brows- Slimming your nose to sculpting your cheeks, you should select either a soft nude, peach or pink for the most versatility.

Tip: Don’t go all out with this because you can really start to look like a clown.




7. Natural Liptones: Being Natural is so HOT for 2012! Don’t use too much of a brown because it can look a lot like mud- I have a must have from Avons Mark Collection the colors are beautiful and just glide onto your lips and feel great.

Tip: Sometimes its really good to go with a softer lip when you attend a brunch, you can use a very soft Natural color to draw attention upward to your face.



8. Eyeshadow: We love eyeshadow, in all honesty any shimmery, tones that are close to your skin tone is gorgeous-When you’re selecting your eyeshadow this season think shimmery and close to your skin tone but also, those colors will compliment your skin tone.

Tips: When you’re applying eyeshadow, you should use a very soft brush-To sweep color across the lid- Use light soft strokes that there’s no strokes or any hard lines.


brush sets


 9. Brush Sets- This is rather important you really need to learn what brushes to use- Many young ladies think its great to have professional brushes but, they don’t know which brush is for what.

Tip: If you don’t have makeup brushes go to Sephora have a One on-one with one of the Consultants at any reputable store like Sephora, Macys any place that has representatives that can help you.

These are the 9 Must haves that we know will help you to get your makeup bags together and ready to go.  Time to get your pretty on for 2012 and don’t let anyone see you looking blah and boring this season!


Once again we welcome you back to the Hottest Spot on the Internet

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