Thursday, January 5, 2012

Are all Addictions Bad for a Fashion Lover

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Sonya LaRae-Editor-in-Chief


D. Robinson-Photographer


I know that many of you may have the exact same addiction as I do, and it just so happens to be SHOES!! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I heard the announcement that Christian Louboutin had a sneak peak at the Spring/Summer 2012 Collections. I think in all honest I began to have a little shortness of breath and lightheaded feelings. I have a shoe and handbag closet, which sometimes looks more like a department store, I should try to have more willpower but, I don’t.  It made me think what is it with women and shoes?  In turn I decided to head downtown to one of the Top Listed Psychologist, and after waiting a full-hour and forty-five minuets to speak with (he asked if I would keep his name anonymous) Lol!! The doctor stated that most woman are in love with shoes because, it has the same effect in the brain as chocolate does. I was so blown away by this, but the more I spoke with lets just call him Dr. Z made me understand why I had to run out of his office and purchase my next pair of shoes, and this leads me right into our article.

Christian Louboutin has done it again with creativity and amazing detail work. One pair of shoes for this season has such beautiful hand sticking and the beading is just breathtaking I have to let you have your first peak:

christian-louboutin-spring-summerI know they’re so ornate and unique to themselves, I love to wear a shoe that I’m not going to see myself coming. When you look at the pattern those small little details catch your attention from the little tear drop that offset the shoe, I like that this collection feels a little tribal.

As I was falling over the photos from this seasons collection, and ladies this is just a few pairs that we just could not resist. My very good friend shoots me a photograph from a Designer I haven’t really heard of and I’m just blown away!! The collection of Designer Oliver Rousteing, for Balmain. Have you all seen his Spring/Summer 2012 collection? I’m sorry the details from this Designer is just PURE PERFECTION!!

Oliver Rousteing is taking the Couture factor to the next level with his ideas and the creativity:

balmainspring2012shoesLook at this shoe how sick is this? I mean I would love to wear this shoe and see the reactions! The sticking in the shoe is so intercut and the beading yes, passed out was revived and passed out again.  I didn’t really think it could get any better, until the photos just kept coming over one at a time from her and we just loved each shot. I have to let you see this for yourself and please tell us what you think.

balmainspring2012shoes5_thumb balmainspring2012shoes6_thumb balmainspring2012shoes7_thumb balmainspring2012shoes11_thumbI know I love them and I just feel like the footwear Designers are just as breathtaking as any Designer that has a collection coming down the Runways during MBFW or CFW. This is such a great Spring/Summer for 2012 and your Feet will thank you.



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