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Faithfully Smelling Good!

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I receive several different products each week from 1 to 100- It ranges from perfumes, clothing, jewelry, makeup you name I’ve received it.  I get hot tips all the time that I should try so many different things but, this time around my family purchased a beautiful gift set for me and I have to tell you that I was pleasantly surprised by this product!

We opened this year with some of your must haves for your makeup bag well, know I’m giving you another must have that you cannot and should not miss!  The product comes to us from Country Singer, Song Writer and Musical Voice of the NFL none other than Ms. Faith Hill who is married to the Fabulous every so talented (sexy) Tim McGraw.  I received Faiths’ Perfume and Body Lotion titled Faith Hill, this fragrance is very fresh and has a clean smell, it has the sense of a cool morning in Nashville and if you went for a horse back ride in the early morning with the dew just settling on the grass. 

Product Shoot 003 Product Shoot 004

While doing the product shoot for Faith Hill by Faith Hill it made me start thinking about the launch of this really Fabulous fragrance. Faith Hill by Faith Hill launched in October and many insiders and those that follow perfumers didn’t hear or report on this launch (I hate to tell them they slept on this)!  Faith’s fragrance was made under the Coty label, and she worked very closely with Carolina Sabas to get the correct notes into the fragrance. Faith Hill by Faith Hill has hints of Crisp Pear, Neroli, Pink Peony (which happen to be Faiths’ favorite flower) Magnolia, Jasmine, Gardina, Cashmere Skin Musk, Iris and Smokey Vetiver.  Just in case you don’t know what a Pink Peonies looks like I have to show they are just breathtaking in all honest:

Pink PeoniesAren’t they beautiful, I had the flowers delivered to out studio and everyone was clamoring to get these Pink lush and wonderful smelling flowers onto their desk.  I love how Faith describes these flowers she states “One thing I love with the Pink Peony is the petals, it reminds me of crushed silk” that is very poetic and such a beautiful way to describe this flower. You feel the touch of the South in this perfume, I’ve lived across the map and back and I know how it is when you smell the Magnolia’s blossoming and Gardina makes for such a true ladies moment.  I know you’re thinking, do I know what a Magnolia or a Gardina looks like? Don’t worry we have you covered on this as well:

Magnolia Gardina


Gentlemen if you have a fabulous lady in your life you need to purchase this rather affordable fragrance for her and let it make the stories of your life and take if from the South to the North and give it the touches that only northerners can give.

Ladies if you want to have a sensual and that little touch of southern sweetness this is the fragrance for you!

Then we have to give you the Shot for the ad that we loved and how beautiful and regal Faith totally looked in this picture. Faith is always aware of her lighting but, mostly each person that looks at this photograph will see and feel the body of Faith Hill by Faith Hill:

Faith Hill Ad


Faith Hill by Faith Hill is a true MUST HAVE from all of us here at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward.

**If you want something not to heavy for the Summer/Spring we just introduced you to the Must have of Must haves!!**

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