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Who Says its a Crochet Frenzy?!

When we started thinking of Hot fashion trends this past and present season, one thing came to mind and that was Crochet garments. Then we thought of Designer LaVeta Jackson Founder of Crochet Frenzy.  In speaking with LaVeta you could just since that she loves what she is doing and we could feel her creative energy!

We where truly excited to land this interview with LaVeta and to hear where she draws her inspiration, how it all began and we didn’t waste anytime in getting right into the interview:

LFF: Good Morning, its so nice to be speaking with you.  Tell us about yourself where are you from?

LJ: I was born and raised in the North Jersey area and about 8 years ago I moved to Durham, NC where I met and married my husband, and we’ve been married now for about 4 years.

LFF: Congratulations! LaVeta Did you move your business from New Jersey to Durham, NC?

LJ: No, when I moved here from NJ I was working for the NC Department of Revenue for several years and then about a year and half ago I left the Department of Revenue and started my company with the help of my Daughter-in-Law Elizabeth Patterson.

LFF: Wow! that was a very bold move

LJ: Yes it was but I really knew it was time for me to start doing something that I loved.

LFF: How did you come up with the name Crochet Frenzy?

LJ: My Daughter-in-Law, which I believe I stated is also my Partner actually thought of the name.  Elizabeth stated “you know we are always crocheting and we are always pushing for deadlines we should call it Crochet Frenzy”.  I thought that was a great name and very catchy, and it has really been just that a Frenzy.

LFF: (slight chuckle) I love the name and I also agree that it is very catchy.  How many work with you?

LJ: Sonya believe it or not its just myself, my Daughter-in-Law Elizabeth and our Pattern Designer Gordon who has been with us for about 4 months. Gordon is just super talented and so creative.

LFF: So you are really hands on with all aspects of creating the collection and pieces

LJ: Yes very much so and I give strict attention to every piece as well as Elizabeth we bring forth things that we are proud of and that we know are worthy of the name Crochet Frenzy.

LFF: How long have you been crocheting and was this passed down to you?

LJ: Sonya, I started about 35 years ago at the age of 7.  My great Aunt taught me and when I started she taught me finger crocheting which you do with your finger not a hook and once you have mastered this and that the chain and links are even then you graduate to a hook.

LFF: Wow, that is really impressive and its kind of a family heirloom

LJ: Exactly and I have enjoyed every moment since my Aunt took the time to teach me which in turn I taught my Daughter-in-Law and the legacy continues on with us.

LFF: You know many times when we hear crocheting we think of doilies and table runners and little things like that, is that what your collection consist of?

LJ:(with a little laugh) OH NO not at all we make bathing suits, hats, scarves, pocketbooks, tank-tops and even Bedding sets and table runners because they are so popular and still people love to have something nostalgic.

LFF: Really! That is just amazing but a swimsuit how does it hold up and does it cover the parts that need to be covered and is it made out of yarn?

LJ: They hold up very well because there are so many different types of yarn, string  and different stitches that are use.  For example we use a string and a very small tight stitch and then we stitch a piece of fabric to cover the private areas and the suit is good to go.

LFF: Now what size do they come in?

LJ: We make them to fit bust sizes 32-48, so we make a wide range and we also customize and do special orders.  We are really into doing things that are very different and unique.

LFF: With you saying that how do you keep it fresh and young?

LJ: Well we are very up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and my daughter-in-law and I keep up with what the younger generation are wearing an listen to what they think is so hot.  Take for instance with regards to our hats we could have just made them like a lot of the crochet hats that you see around but we made it our own with placing more detail into them and have the raised flower on some for the ladies and bills on the others.  We wanted to make it fresh and with somewhat of a flair to it.

LFF: I did notice when I was looking at your site which all of our readers can find at that you do offer a wide variety of things.  What can we expect from you for your SS 2011 collection?

LJ: Because we are always pushing ourselves and always wanting to be Fashion Forward we are going to be bringing the collection which is named Safari and it is going to feature shrugs, ruffled vest, caps, swimwear and much more you all have to just stay close to the action!

LFF: We are so excited to see what you are going to offer all of us and when do you think the line will be done and on the site?

LJ: We plan on having everything up-loaded no later then December and with a few bonuses.

LFF: We cannot wait!  Tell me what is the price range for getting some of your beautiful creations?

LJ: In all honesty it varies from $20.00 to $300.00

LFF: What exactly would cost $300.00?

LJ: That would be for our Custom made Bedding Sets and you get a Queen/Full Bed spread, Shames and Curtains

LFF: That is just incredible to think that you crochet Bed spreads, how long does it take you to put a full set together?

LJ: It can take about 4 months and it also depends on the detailing that we are doing for it as well. 

LFF: LaVeta, tell me where do see yourself within the next year or so?

LJ: My ultimate goal is to become a large Manufacture and getting my collection in some high end boutiques and maybe even partnering with some designers to add to there collections.  I think with this type of business that I have it is just limitless and we can always add new and improved elements to everything that we are doing an we are pushing ourselves from being in some little box and helping people to see that crocheting isn’t an old out dated art.

LFF: I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to have had this opportunity to interview you and to also learn more about Crochet Frenzy.  Tell me this are you showing anytime soon?

LJ: Yes we are, every year here in North Carolina they have a major Craft fair and we are showing there.

LFF: Do you have the show date and location?

LJ:  Saturday, November 2, 2010

      Designers Downtown Market

        509 N. West Street

              Raleigh, NC

       Time: 9:00am-3:00PM   

LJ: We really hope that people come out and support us and we want to let our future customers know that we have a little bit of everything that we think they will love and want to add to there wardrobes or homes.

LFF: LaVeta before I let you go if you could impart one thing to others that are maybe thinking about starting their own business what would it be?

LJ: Make sure you get as much knowledge and information on what you’re trying to endeavor to do and don’t be afraid to take the risk and step out of your comfort zone.

LFF: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me and I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed speaking with you and doing this interview.

LJ: Oh thank you!

LaVeta Jackson is truly offering something very unique and refreshing and Crochet Frenzy is a name that you don’t want to forget! 

Prior to this article coming to print, this super talented Designer Surprised our Editor and Chief with a beautiful gift of a One of a Kind Carpet Baggers Pocketbook and We have attached photos for you to enjoy!

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