Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last Day of Philadelphia Fashion Week!

Okay so we are poised and ready for the runway show to begin and I have to tell you the turn out for tonight’s show is even larger than last night!  Everyone is a buzz just waiting to see what is going to hit the runways. We are being entertained by DJ Manny Romano and let me tell you, if you thought the DJ yesterday had it going on well DJ Manny Romano is rocking the house!


The LCD Screen lights up with logo of Marina Makaron Designer from Moscow.  You know I’m excited because I want to see what exactly she is going to offer us.  They announce the show will begin in 60 seconds and for everyone to take their seats.  One thing with this crowd they are somewhat noisy and some seem to be here to just mix and mingle and eat and drink. 

Then there are others we can see that are just waiting in anticipation just as much as we are and the lights dim and the first look hits the runway I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful the collection is and the colors its like you are wearing a scarf and she really carried the look from head to toe! I thought to myself in looking at her collection that she is so talented and right on the money with her designs that she would be great for like the Couture Fashion Week!  We give you Marina Makaron’s Collection:

 After sitting and looking at Marina’s collection I thought to myself this is really a great way to start off a runway show and any and everyone after her must really Wow us. I just have to give you a look at the reaction of those in the audience once her first look hit the runway!

I know right it really rocked them out of their seats!  Anyway let me move on, we are now heading to Holland we are about to see Cold Method!


I really like this collection and it is for the real man and the lines are very clean it kind of made you think back to like Calvin Klein or Ralph Laurens’ Polo collection.  It was very cohesive and flowed well, I enjoyed this collection but,

I thought it was a little safe and didn’t really do much for me but hey that is why fashion is so wonderful what you may or may not like so many will.  We have a slight pause and then it is announced that the next Designer is from Philadelphia! I’m very interested in seeing what this particular Designer is going to bring, because I think like most we want to see what kind of Fashion Philadelphia is about. The LCD Screen lights up with Autumnlin Atelier Logo

The first look comes out on the runway and you instantly think of a bird of some sort and the feathers that are around the neck of the dress, I knew we were in for something very different and I have to tell you this Designer did just that gave us something different.  It was rather avant-guard and kind of Lady Gagaish inspired you tell me what you think of this collection.

I have to say I thought that this collection was rather different and a little dark. For me it didn’t really do much and that kind of look isn’t something maybe you would wear to any kind of event unless it was costume party.  We have an intermission and we are about to be entertained by Artist Christy Jefferson.  Okay so she isn’t really my cup of tea but music is much like fashion it goes by the interpretation of the person listening to it and I really didn’t need to listen to this (sorry).

Great its time for the runway show to start again and we are told that the next Designer is From England.. I have to say I’m excited over this because I feel that English Designers are very Forward in their thinking and I’m looking to see what is going to be offered. Bolongaro Trevor’s Logo comes up on the LCD Screen.


I’m ready and then the first look hits the runway and it is this wonderful jacket that a male model is wearing and it is the British flag such a bold and in your face kind of statement! I knew that this was going to be something that we don’t see everyday here in the U.S. and it was just that.  The pants made you think of knickers really very traditional pants that were worn in England.  I thought the collection was a little grunge influenced and somewhat rebellious, I really liked this particular Designer!

We are ready to see what is next the lights dim and the announcer says we would like to introduce Rick Williams from Action News 6ABC! The crowed is excited to see him and I have to say being that I watch him on 6ABC I was excited.  He is very personable and really connects with the audience! He tells us that we are about to see Allegri Milano’s collection and he also announced to us that Kristie Gonzales is going to be leaving the 6ABC family to head up a team in California and we just wish her much success because she is so sweet!

Once Rick Williams finishes his introduction the logo for Allegri Milano appears on the LCD Screen and the first look hits the runway and it is a Fabulous Trench Coat an so well crafted and I just knew everything that we where thinking of this Designer was going to be true.  She wowed us with one fabulous trench, jacket and more each time one of the models came onto the runway.  We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we did!

I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing what the Designer Sand who is from Denmark has to offer us, the LCD Screen came up with their logo

This collection is really nice it men’s wear and I have to say they are giving the guy’s a lot to choose from and colors to select from.  I love that the clothing is very masculine and clean it still brought the feeling of RL or CK.

Then it was time for the finale collection of the night and it is from NY based Designer Nary Manivong and I have to say I want to know what this particular Designer is going show those attending here at Philadelphia Fashion week.  The logo comes onto the LCD Screen and we are poised and ready.

So quiet and gentile the model walks out onto the runway moving very slow and deliberate and I have to say the dress she is wearing is beautiful it has a very delicate appeal to it and then the next model emerges and the same feeling is passed on to the look. Nary Manivong is not disappointing us and is giving a real ending to a great Fashion Week here in Philadelphia.  We give you Nary Manivong’s collection!

I have to say that Philadelphia Fashion Week really was very nice and so different from what we expected.  We are pleased to have been able to bring this great show to all of you and if you are in the Philadelphia area in 2012 you must make sure you attend.  Keep up to date with information for this event by going to www.philadelphiafashionweek.org

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