Sunday, October 17, 2010

Couture Fashion Week, Takes Center Stage Continues!

Saturday, 11 September

Waldorf-Astoria, Grand Ballroom

6:00PM Show

Okay now we are all coming back to the Ballroom and trying to just recollect ourselves after such a mind blowing opening such as what we experienced.  I’m thinking to myself “Wow I hope whomever is showing next can really just follow that great presentation.”  Music starts to play and another singer comes center stage wearing this beautiful Green Gown with such exquisite detail work. The singer is Lara Janine who really gave such an outstanding performance (no lip-singing here) an sounded great! Lara Janine was wearing a Andres Aquino gown.

The tone is set and then we hear like someone taking a Deep breath and then quite sounds that brought us back to Africa again and we were poised and ready.  Then all of a sudden the Designers name comes up on the huge LCD Screen

You could feel the rush of excitement in the audience and in the ballroom, just anticipating when the models would start taking the runway and then the show began,  it gave us a feeling of Tribal meets the Phantom of the Oprah Couture style!  Looking at the collection you could feel the Designers influences of her Nigerian culture with the ornate patterns and fabrics the detailing on the gowns, the way in which Zizi took the structure off the edges was just wonderful.  We did notice a lot of details on the hips of the garments and thought wow most people try to take away from this area but Zizi Cardows’ brought it right in your face.  I guess your anticipating what this designers collection looks like.  We won’t keep you waiting any longer Zizi Cardow Nigerian influenced breath of Life.

This collection was very different for me, but yet some sort of unspoken beauty like it was a secret.    Zizi Cardow

I’m ready to see the next Designers collection and we have a small pause and the next show begins!

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