Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fashion Week Rocks Philadelphia (part 1)

Okay so we are back live at the Second Annual Philadelphia Fashion Week and we are starting to see the fashionistas and fashionistos walk in and start taking their seats.  We are being entertained by DJ Adrian Hardy who is letting the beat hit us and it seems almost like we are at a club!  We look around and we notice that two Beauty Queens are also in the audience Ms. Pennsylvania and Ms. Delaware we got to meet the head Makeup Artist of the event Wendi Hetherington of Neverland Glamour and she looks just like the name a pixie. We knew from this point on we where going to be in for a treat!

We are signaled that the show is going to start in 60 seconds and The Yarn Groups logo comes up on the LCD Screen:

I’m very excited to see what is going to be presented because as you all are aware we just did the hot article on Crochet Frenzy so we wanted to see what this particular designer is going to offer all of us.  The lights slightly dim and out comes the first look its a blue sweater jacket and I thought to myself right then and there I hope it gets better than this and let me just tell you it did and they didn’t disappoint us one bit with this collection.  It was rather innovative and offered a wide variety of looks, we hope you enjoy the collection as much as we did.

That was a great way to start this event off with I mean it was really fresh and this Designer knew just how to keep climaxing with this collection.  I am amped up and ready to see more but we have a slight pause again and the DJ is still turning out the beats.. The energy is high in the venue and you could see those in the Fashion Industry buzzing over what they just saw and those in the audience.  We are signaled again and in 60 seconds we will be seeing “A Different Fur’s” Collection, I’m looking forward to seeing what they will offer because this is a men’s line they are show for SS 2011/2012.

We are poised and ready and the first look to hit the runway and I have to say I’m liking this look for guy’s its very masculine and only thing I thought could have been different is the paints where a little to tight for the guys.  I noticed that again this season the skinny legged paints was very hot and some where rather tight where they looked a little uncomfortable but all and all it was a good look. Oh my FAVORITE look was the white hooded sweater with the jacket such a hot look!  You be the judge and see what you think of “A different Fur”!

I’m liking the direction in which PFW is taking us and giving a different element to style to the Philly style if I may say so! I noticed that each time that one of the shows ended the Designer didn’t come out with their collection maybe they weren’t available to present but I thought that to be odd.  We are waiting for the next show and there a major pauses between the collections which I guess gave you time to run to the ladies room or grab a drink.  This is a good time to let you all know that we didn’t get to cover all 4 days due to our Reporter taking ill but we did get to cover Friday and Saturday shows.  We are signaled again and told the show will begin in 60 seconds and on the LCD Screen appeared the next Designers logo Alecia Zameska which we found interesting that her collection was being presented by JoMar which boast that it is Philly’s #1 Fabric Store so we really wanted to see what was going to be presented.

The lights dim and the first look at Alecia Zameska’s collection appears and I have to tell you it is truly just amazing and ultra feminine and has kind of an unspoken sex appeal to it. The fabrics are very natural in collar an then she had splashes of color and flowing fabrics as well I really didn’t expect this. Alecia Zameska’s collection gave you romance and somewhat of a flirty feeling and I think she presented this collection in such a way that was more of an unspoken strength and definition!

I’m thinking well PFW isn’t exactly what we are use to but thus far the Designers have been very good.  We are again having a pause for the next collection to be presented and we are entertained by the DJ again which by the way is really just very good but they needed to turn the volume down just slightly because you couldn’t even speak to the person on the side of you without yelling at them.  We are signaled that in 60 seconds we will see “WESC” which stands for “We are the Superlative Conspiracy” I really hope they live up to such a great name!

I’m ready to see what they are going to present and then the first look comes out and I cannot begin to tell you how my heart just sank.. It is a leotard with tights and leg warmer (this cannot be for real)! Then the next look hits the runway and I have to say its better but still not so much feeling that Superlative feeling as of yet you be the judge.

I think this collection is great for the everyday person who is just hanging in the city with friends or just chilling out at the mall.  We are told that we are going to a slight intermission and going to be entertained by Jessi TeiCh.  I have to say this performer had such a nice sound and tone in her voice and she played the piano and really gave and excellent performance and it was live no lip singing.

Great performance and they signal that in 60 seconds we will see “StrangeFruit”. I’m thinking to myself right now is this name true to its self or are we going to be shocked by the collection.  The LCD screen comes on with the logo for StrangeFruit

I have to say the name fit the collection well because it had like a strange vibe to the collection the opening look was like a tube dress with a parachute feeling to it and then the 50’s kind of hat and then from the odd miss shaped paints and the tops that maybe you should have your arms in the sleeves but they are hanging at your side.  I’m not so sure this was one collection that I overly liked but that is why fashion is suggestive to all and interpreted in different ways and speaks to all of us differently. We like to present Strangefruit’s collection!

There is no pause between this Designer and our next Designers show it is “Pamela Ptak” and her logo appears and then so quiet and delicate the model comes onto the runway wearing a bright yellow dress that is just breathtaking and beautiful!

This designer was celebrating the woman and the look of color and feels of fabric that she selected for this collection was just wonderful.  You could see on the faces of the audience how much they loved this collection and the applause was just thunderous!

The last collection is about to take to the runway and it is going to be by FARAH. I have to say that when I say the collection I thought of kind of preppy and rather retro when I saw the collection you tell me what you think!

I must say that the Second Annual Philadelphia Fashion Week really surprised us and that we really enjoyed the collections that where presented and we are looking forward to tomorrow. Before we left for the evening that presented this beautiful aerial performance and I have to tell you they where just breathtaking and amazing and so elegant.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Aerial Performance


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