Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Philadelphia Fashion Week Vendor Spotlight!

GEDC2067 We are back for the last day of the Second Annual Philadelphia Fashion Week and we are really excited to see what is going to be presented to us!  I have really enjoyed the Designers the music and the talent that has been offered to us.  I wanted to take this moment just to highlight a few vendors that we had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with.  We met Independent Consultant Pat Marin of Traci Lynn Fabulous Jewelry. The collection that she had on display was so beautiful and it looked rather pricey but really it was price friendly. To learn more about Traci Lynn Fabulous Jewelry visit www.tracilynnjewelry.net/patmarin we think you are going to love the collection.

We also met Seun Olubodun Founder of Duke Winston and we also had the pleasure of meeting Duke his beautiful Bulldog who is the face of the collection.  Seun is offering high end T-shirts and much more. You can see more of the collection by visiting www.duke-winston.com. We have to tell you that Duke really stole the show and the hearts of all that where in attendance of Philadelphia Fashion Week!


From there we stepped down a few booths and met Sylvia Echavarria President of SFI Accessories and her associate Camila Echavarria who is the Director of Marketing and Sales.  Let me just tell you they have the most Fabulous and unique jewelry to offer for those of us who want a real statement piece and aren’t afraid of things that will bring much attention to yourself.  I’m truly in love with their collection and hope that you all will love it as much as we did.  To learn more and to purchase any of the pieces please visit www.SFIaccessories.com.

Then I look across the room and I see this pocketbook to just die for! I have to tell you I must be in touch with this Designer because not only are his bags just beautiful they are eco-friendly.  I was so pleased to meet Patrick Michael of Patrick Michael Accessories.  To learn more about Patrick Michael Accessories visit www.patrickmichaelaccessories.com

We didn’t get to see this particular Designer on Wednesday but, we got to see his clothing up close and to learn the philosophy behind the clothing.  Ban Thor Phan isn’t just designing clothing for the sole purpose of just designing beautiful clothes, he and his wife are doing this to bring awareness and to support a true cause.  They are supporting and Orphanage by funding it solely through the clothing line they both where in a Orphanage in Thailand and they have established themselves as a voice in the Fashion Industry and are now bringing awareness to all of us who love fashion.  The collection is beautiful and has an unspoken soul of trueness, purity and passion. Visit www.banthorphan.com to see the full collection and to learn more about what they offer.

Then we met Christopher Boggs President of Christopher Salvatore Group.  Christopher is the man of the hour he made sure that the event was catered and they offered some really wonderful dishes and set-up.  In speaking with several of the guest of Philadelphia Fashion week and asking them what they thought of the event they all kept mentioning the horsd’oeuvres so we thought it would only be right to bring you Christopher Boggs.  To learn more about Christopher Salvatore Group visit www.christophersalvatore.com

Okay stick around with Lapazimageing Fashion Forward because the runway shows are about to start in the next 60 min.


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