Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Couture Fashion Week, Takes Center Stage!

Continuation of Saturday’s 6:00pm Show!

We are now transferred into a whole different setting we hear the sound of Asia playing and we are about to see the Han Couture Collection.  I’m really so excited because I love the Asian influence in fashion.  When I think of China I think of Geishas, Harajuku and Cheongsam which is kind of funny because Geisha really are from Japan but, the Chinese and Japanese fashions are kind of similar.  I knew we where going to see elegance at its true form and then the first model took to the runway!

OMG!! Such grace and beauty came moving slowly up the runway and we just knew we where in for a spectacular treat.  The Kimono is a traditional garment that is loose and floor-length and as stated is a Japanese garment that has wide sleeves, wraps in front and is fastened with a sash.  The patterns and fabrics that were selected for this collection was just breathtaking and ornate and different from anything we had seen.  The models where just as delicate as a lotus blossom!

Just as we thought we saw it all the music changes just slightly and we are in for the next beautiful and graceful beauty that comes out on the runway and just captures everyone in an ancient grace of long ago and the beauty of the hand gestures made me want to know what was the meaning behind them.  Geisha’s are entertainers in Japan and the art is very difficult to learn and to see it on the runway was truly a treat!

After viewing the Han Couture collection it made me want to go and visit Japan and learn more of the culture the meanings behind the Kimono and Geisha.  I’m just in Awe of what was just presented and I thank the producers for allowing us to cover such and incredible, phenomenal experience!

What awaits us for the next Designers Runway Collection! Stay where you are at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward because we are about to go and visit BRAZIL!


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