Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Couture Fashion Week, Takes Center Stage Continues!

Continuation of Saturdays Show at 6:00PM

We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are to see the next designers show!  We are about to see Sisa Designs by Simone Rodrigues, which will have the influences of Brazil and the US.  The music starts and it takes us to Brazil during Carnaval (properly spelled in Portuguese).  The drumming starts and you know we are about to be brought something “FABULOUS”! 

The rich history of Carnaval dates back to the Ancient Greek Spring Festival in honor of Dionysus the GOD of Wine; with that being stated we know this is going to be a real festive collection.  The lights dim slightly and we see the Designers Logo appear on the LCD Screen.

The show opens with a beautiful gown flowing with gorgeous fabric, details and jewels.  From start to finish this collection enticed us with the feeling of this incredible Designers spirit and the energy of BRAZIL!  This is a celebration of beauty, color and passion and Sisa Couture Designer Simone Rodrigues didn’t disappoint us one bit. Without hesitation we give you Sisa Couture!

After the show I had the great pleasure of meeting this beautiful Designer and she is just as beautiful as her collection.  She has such a passion and energy that is infectious and I was just contaminated by her energy! Sisa Fashion Design collection is found in Rio, London, New York and the Caribbean. In speaking with Simone she stated that “she costume designs evening gowns, Wedding Gowns, swimwear and accessories.”   Simone is truly Fashion Forward and it was an honor to meet this Designer.

P.S. My eye-shadow is by Dr. Janine Hopkins who was one of the Sponsors who provided all the makeup for the Designers and Makeup Artist!


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