Friday, September 17, 2010

Sunday 6pm Couture Runway Show Jack Guisso

We are back for the 6pm Show for Jack Guisso (Lebanon).  We are really waiting to see what is going to take place. I mean in all honesty this has been one of the best Fashion Weeks for me in a long time!  I have been attending the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for several years but this show really tops it.  I’m so honored to be bring this show to you plus all of the HOT designers.  Just to let you know the Couture Fashion Week has already been schedule for February 18-20, 2011 for information and how to purchase tickets visit or, you don’t want to miss this amazing Event!

As you all may or may not be aware but we weren’t here for Friday’s show because we covered another event for Fashion’s Night Out.  As we are waiting for the Jack Guisso’s Runway show to begin this amazing gown appears on the runway and it is from the Designer Amal Sarieddine (Lebanon)! Can you say WOW! I started shooting this gown as soon as I saw it, I was so sorry that we missed this show but hey, you cannot be in two places at one time.  Enjoy the shots!

Okay the lights are dimming slightly and we know what this means the next great show is about to start.  The LCD Screen lights up with the Designers Logo!

Then this beautiful singer comes out in a gorgeous gown by Jack Guisso and its singer Cecilia Herrera Frioni again and Violinist Jane Hunt such an amazing performance! If you haven’t heard music by either of these ladies make sure you go out and purchase a CD they are excellent!

You know at Bryant Park we never had any kind of entertainment like what we have had here I mean the most entertainment we may have gotten was some celeb taking to the runway.. Its show time and we are all poised and ready to see what is going to be offered! OMG!! Can you say pure elegance and spectacular gowns and the detail work on the collection is to die for!  I mean we are being just hit with one great look after the other Jack Guisso is incredible!

You know they really like to tease you because just as you think the Guisso show is over nope more Fabulousness comes out on the runway and blows your mind even more! I think to myself where do they pull this major creation from and what inspires each of these designers to out do themselves hands down! Jack Guisso made sure we took notice of her collection and she didn’t waste one moment of her time on anything she just was interested in wowing everyone in the Grand Ballroom!

I’m so hyped after this show because she gave us so many different looks and elements that its even hard for me to sit here and write and tell you about this Fabulous runway show. Couture Fashion Week is right where all these designers belong because they are bringing elements that some of the top Designers at Lincoln Center wish they had thought of and gave this kind of detail and shock and awe to everyone in attendance!

Stick around I have more coming we have the 8pm runway shows we will be attending and you don’t want to miss one bit!

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