Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Couture Fashion Week, Takes Center Stage!


Saturday 11, September 2010

Location: The Waldorf-Astoria, Grand Ballroom

We have to say that when you think of Couture you think breathtaking designs, fabrics, beading and creations that just engulf your mind and soul.  We entered the Grand Ballroom at the Waldorf-Astoria and with its opulence and beauty it was such a fitting area for this show to take place in.

Even though the Grand Ballroom was empty (except for us reporters and camera people), you could feel the energy that was about to hit the runways! We immediately headed backstage to see what coverage we could get.  First stop was hair and makeup and let me tell you, the concept for hair and makeup was beyond our thoughts.  We saw peacocks, angels and just pure innovative ideas and creations.

I couldn’t wait for the show to start after having a sneak peak of what was to come on the runway.  We headed to were Lapazimageing Fashion Forward would be covering the spectacular event and before we knew it was time to start the show.  The lights dim and emerges this beautiful woman standing in a white gown and then you realize she is about to sing.  We have covered the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park, but they have never had entertainment like this.  The singer is Angeles Dominguez wearing a Ezra Santos gown just pure beauty.

There was a small hick-up with the performance, Angeles Dominguez was lip-singing and kind of forgot her words to the song and was caught by all in attendance of the Couture show.  Either way you go she looked beautiful and gave an air of elegance to what we were about to see!  When she ended her performance tribal sounding music started, you would think you where in Africa on Safari. Sounds that were just drumming and then emerged this beautiful garment

a huge life size tribal mask with this beautiful model wearing it, next thing we see is, the model ripping the mask open and the most breath taking gown appears and the audience is just awestruck by what just happened!! The applause was just thunderous and from that point on; Ezra’s Couture show took a life of its own and just kept building until the very end!  Immediately everyone felt like this is what we look forward to something that just blows your mind and keeps you anticipating the next part of the show and the designers collection! 

Ezra’s collection is just captivating everyone in the Grand Ballroom there are so many high points to his designs that we all thought this will be one of the hardest designers to follow-up to!  Just as we thought he couldn’t surprise us any more well then he took out the show stoppers of show stoppers of his collection.  The beautiful Canary yellow kind of Marie Antoinette inspired gown appears on the runway and we all are just holding our breath to find out is this also another gown that tares away like the mask and then in one quick move the model rips the gown away and to our surprise emerges this most gorgeous and mind blowing wedding gown with a jeweled headdress.  Wait for it I want you to be in anticipation like we were, are you ready? I think you are; we give you Ezra Santos most creative, original and futuristic gowns of all gowns!

Everyone in the ballroom just came to their feet once this magnificent gown came to the end of the runway I think every Photographer and Reporter just went crazy to see this gown and the emerging of it that just happened!  Oh and by the way not to just make this a side note but, the shoes and jewelry that Ezra Santos used for his collection was just as opulent and jaw dropping as his collection.

After just taking our breath away with this collection they knew that all of us needed a small intermission and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was because I was headed directly backstage to see if we could get some up close photos with the models and maybe with Ezra himself.

Now we are in total hype of the next Designers collection, which will take place later around 4pm.  I wanted to find out who was providing the makeup for his models. In speaking with one of his Reps, we found out that one of the Sponsors of the Couture Fashion Week provided the makeup for all the Designers and Makeup Artist participating in the show.

Renowned Dermatologist Dr. Janine Hopkins of MD Minerals provided all of the makeup which is hypoallergenic and is good for all skin tones and types.  Dr. Hopkins line of makeup has beautiful shades and feels great from what the models where stating.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Hopkins and in interviewing her, she stated that “she wanted to make a product that was good for our skin and something that wouldn’t weigh down our pours and felt very light and clean.”  The products have a vanilla scent to them but not over powering and I got to try the lipstick and it felt like satin and the mineral eye-shadows that she offers come in a wide array of colors they don’t separate and look flawless after all day under hot lights and through thousands of photos.  You can find out more information on Dr. Janine Hopkins products by visiting www.mdmineralsonline.com.

I think we are off to a great start of Couture Fashion Week and this day isn’t over yet! Stay close to Lapazimageing Fashion Forward for the next designers collection.



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