Friday, September 17, 2010

The Finally of Couture Fashion Week Closes with a BANG!

Here we are at the closing show and it is the renowned Designer Edwing D’Angelo! The music starts and it is very today and it is telling us about Edwing and it is hot! Then next thing the Logo comes up on the LCD screen and it was just fabulous!

The lights dim and we see this beautiful silhouette standing back in the shadows and then the model emerges and YES it is Vanessa Simmons! Looking just gorgeous and so Fabulous she is rocking a short haircut now and is just beautiful!

The entire Ballroom went up in applause and her sister (Angela) was whooping for her. She came down the runway like an old pro and hit her pose and made eye contact with all the cameras and pranced back up the runway.  I mean everyone in there was just loving the energy and the moments.  Edwings’ collection was celebrating the NY error of fashion and it was kind of like Gossip Girls/Meets Rock sheek!

Then he decided we need a little swimwear and the key word here is little.. Lol! You have to love a designer that would put a man in a tiny-winy bikini.

I thought okay this is something very different and I want to know how many guy’s will be rocking this look that is all I wanted to know.. Then the crowd goes of yelling and applauding again and low and behold on the runway is Dawn of Dirty Money who is with Bad-Boy (P-Diddy)! She is killing it I have to say I just love her from when she was trying out for Danity Kane to just her energy that she gives off and let me tell you she can WALK!!!  She commanded the runway in a way that was spectacular!

I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful collection this is! He rocked not only ladies fashions but he is rocking men’s fashion and much more.  We hope you like his collection as much as we did!

We give you the one and only Edwing D’Angelo of Edwing D’Angelo Design!

This has been such an amazing Fashion Week for us and I have to tell you we hope to bring you more exclusive article from Fabulous Designer, Cosmetic companies and much more.  Before we leave this article we want to give you some extra photos from our Couture Fashion Week.

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Photos provided by: S. LaRae and D. Robinson for LaPaz Image/Event Consultants, Philadelphia, PA

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