Thursday, September 16, 2010

Closing the 8pm Couture Show is Andres Aquino!

Continuation of the Saturday Couture Fashion Week Show

We are so ready, the finally is here and it is the Founder and Producer of Couture Fashion Weeks runway collection and we are just feeling so excited to see what is about to take place!  The lights dim and we see on the large LCD screen like a Quartet playing and there stands this beautiful singer in this beautiful gown that was designed by Andres Aquino.  She started to sing and it was just beautiful and she sounded just great! This Designers show is starting off on a real high note.

As Cecilia Herrera Frioni is singing these beautifully panted figures start to emerge onto the stage like walking mannequin in bright colored attire and the boots they had on were just to die for! I mean I just wanted to have them in my collection in all honesty I could have just taken them off there feet! Anyway back to the show, they where moving just as graceful and had this act as if they had just come to life, I know you want to see them but wait its coming.

Let me tell you we knew we was in for something spectacular because this Designer didn’t just have one singer he had 4 singers, 2 different dance companies, Pianist and a bassist.  We would like to make mention of the performers by name in no particular order: Singers: Dillion McCartney, Ashley C. Williams, Cecilia Herrera Frioni, Sarah Elizabeth Charles, Pianist Jesse Elder, Bassist Ian Baggette, Dancers Michael & Ting Ting, The Cecilia Marta Dance Company.

Okay now that we have gotten that out of the way lets get into the show.  The music is very modern and if it is a sign of what we saw with the performances, we are going to be wowed! Next thing we know we see the logo of Andres Aquino and we know he is going to put this evenings show to bed in a big way!

Then the models started appearing on the runway and the audience was so charged up and ready to see everything that this Designer had to offer and he really didn’t disappoint anyone in that Grand Ballroom.  It seemed as if his collection was larger than life and it just was brilliant colors and fabrics that made all of us just take to our feet once Andres Aquino came out on the runway for his finale bow.  We would like to give you Andres Aquino’s magnificent, breathtaking and well thought out collection!

This was truly a wonderful day and night and we are looking so forward to being back here tomorrow.  We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the Couture Fashion Week and we invite you to Like LaPaz Image/Event Consultants on Facebook so you will be able to view more of our great photos from the Couture Fashion Week shows.

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