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Fashion Week Starts With a BANG!!

From the moment that we got to NY you could feel the energy in the air and the people where just bubbling with a sense of Fabulousness! I couldn't help myself but to pull my camera out and snap a few photos of those that were just breathing and eating in the atmosphere of Fashion Week!
I asked this fine pair what Fashion Week meant to them and they stated: "it allows us to be dramatic and just out there with no one looking twice at us."

I knew right then and there this week was going to be just wonderful!  As you all know the biggest night to all that are in the Fashion Industry kicked everything off and I'm speaking of Fashion's Night Out!  Anyone who was anyone was out for this evening, Macy's had live models in the windows and P-Diddy was on a double decker bus performing in the middle of Time Square.. OMG can you say Exciting!

On such and important night as Fashion's Night Out Lapazimageing Fashion Forward received and invitation to a fashion show given by Najaam Lee of The Vedic Image Group and her Partners Mon Utopie Ideale PR and Trident Consulting Group-USA for an event that they called "Fashion Loves NY and Emerging Odyssey".

What these three very brilliant women did was to make a very bold move in the industry, because no one in this business really kicks off any kind of show on such a big night as Fashion's Night Out!  We knew we were going to see such great fashion from some really bright new up-and-coming designers and trust me, we anticipated every moment.  We got to see collections from 4 Emerging Designers first collection we saw was from Glamm Fashions Designer Mary Ajetunmobi, who is from the Washington, DC area but originally from Nigeria.  You could feel and see the influence that her rich culture and background gave to this collection.  We was treated to bold colors and fabrics and textures.  Glamm Fashions is really emerging in ways that you would not believe she gave us what could have been Couture fashions because the beading was all hand sown and the detail work was just magnificent.  The Fabrics that she has chosen to use are 100% African Cotton, 100% French Lace.  We are excited to introduce you to the face behind Glamm Fashion Mary Ajetunmobi:

Glamm Fashions Designer on (L) Mary and President/CEO
of Lapazimageing Fashion Forward Sonya LaRae

This collection was very diversified and touched you with color and an air of elegance!

One day soon we hope to see Glamm Fashions on the runways of Lincoln Center or even UK Fashion Week! If you are interested in adding any of these beautiful pieces to your wardrobe or boutique,  please visit or call 888-70-GLAMM (888-704-5266).

Next on the runways is Designer Roshe Dousuah.  From the moment we saw her we new there was something so different and unique about this designer.  She has such a flare and confidence that it pulled us in deep and we loved every moment of her collection.  Roshe likes to describe herself as a "Rock Star" at heart and you can see it in her fashions and the way the collection takes on a life of its own.  Roshe Dousuah is originally from Liberia and she has drawn from that rich culture and used bold colors and textures.  It took her about 6 months to put this collection together and she is very hands on from choosing the fabrics to layout and much more.  This emerging Designer didn't disappoint one bit.  We would like to introduce you to Roshe Dousuah of Roshe Dousuah Fashions:

Roshe Dousuah and Sonya LaRae
 Fashion Loves NY gave this young and Emerging Designer a true platform to showcase here collection and Roshe hit us with both barrels and didn't take any prisoners! She has different textures and patterns and fabrics that just made you want to just grab everything that came out on the runway.  This talented designer is humble and somewhat shy but she puts her true self into her work and she lets you hear her voice load and clear when her models step out on the runway and captured all of us with the flare of the Rock Star and the heart and passion of a true artist.. Roshe Dousuah has a very bright future and star that is hanging high over her creativity and her soul!  Please with no further hesitations we give you Roshe Dousah's collection!

Roshe is still in the process of getting her website together but if you are interested in any of the designers pieces please e-mail her at:

Jill Pendergast of Couture Swimwear for Marty's International didn't make the event but she sent her collection and I have to say for me this fell short.  We had been wowed by two of the designers and then we got this we will let you decide on what you think and feel:

 We really didn't see how she could call this collection Couture because it just didn't look very Couture.  The swimwear didn't fit correctly and the fabric choices were also a great disappointment.  We hate to have to give a negative write up on such a promising designer but, we feel in our honest opinion that she should take a little more time and put together and more cohesive collection and look.

If you are interested in Jill Pendergast collection they are found at: Marty's International 15736 W 7Mile Road in Detroit, MI or you can call them at 248-909-8801


Now it is time for the closer of the show and it is Kellia Kebero, she is originally from the Washington, DC area and moved to New York about 5 years ago to really pursue her passion for fashion.  In speaking with Kellia you could feel the texture of her soul and she shocked us on where she found her inspiration for this collection.  Kellia stated that it came from a "Jimmie Hendrix album entitled Voodoo!" We knew right then and there she was going to give us smokey and sexy and somewhat dark vibes.. Kellia is such a fashion forward type of designer she looks at thing within a different realm and takes it to another level.  Kellia has been really into fashion since the age of 7 and not only was this a big night for her it was also a big night for her business because it was their 1st Anniversary! 

Kellia has dreams of taking her collection international she would love to see Kellia Kebero in Japan and we know this young lady will make it all the way. 

Kellia Kebero and Sonya LaRae

Kellia Kebero and Emerging Odyssey

We have to say that we really enjoyed Fashion Loves NY and Emerging Odyssey it didn't disappoint us one bit and we thank Najaam Lee, Mona Stlekar and Ijeoma Genevieve Mbamalu for a show well done and we know that these ladies will be putting on bigger and better shows in the near future to contact

Najaam Lee
The Vedic Image Group

Mona Stlekar
Trident Consulting Group-USA

Ijeoma Genevieve Mbamalu
Mon Utopie Ideale PR

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