Thursday, September 16, 2010

8pm Runway Show Couture Fashion Week

Saturday, September 11th Continuation

We are back for the 8pm Couture Fashion Week shows, here at the Waldorf-Astoria, Grand Ballroom.  Everyone is chatting about the shows that we thus far have seen, and the excitement level is so high that everyone is just HYPED! We even see people trying to walk the runway (aka Catwalk) and doing there best end of the runway Fierce pose,  like the beautiful Diva’s that graced the runway during the show.   Even I got in on the hype and my photographer couldn’t help but to snap this shot (honestly we was test the lighting for the camera). The white string is my press pass such a great Couture piece of Jewelry.. LOL!!

Anyway back to work, we will be seeing 3 finale collections tonight starting with Katya Leonovich bringing us a taste of Italy, Korean Creation- Lilycomes by Jeone Mi Young and Hee Deuk by Hee Deuk Yang and to close out the evening will be the one and only Andres Aquino.

We notice on the runway a table sitting smack in the middle of the floor, and everyone is wondering how and what is it doing out there, is it apart of the show, did they forget it?  Just a little inside tip for you but, I won’t ruin it for you, but I know why its out there, and what is going to take place, I already got the scoop on this.. Shhhhh mums the word! We are signaled that the show is about to start and everyone is just ready!The the LCD screen comes on with the Designers Logo

the lights dim slightly and the music comes on kind of LOUD!  Like something you hear in Clash of the Titans and then out walks the Designer and this lovely model and stop at the table… The music is still pounding and all of a sudden Katya Leonovich starts painting the gown that the model is wearing!  Its just incredible and everyone is just perplexed and ready to see what in the world is going to come of this! 

OMG! it is just beautiful and so fun and just magnificent that she did right there on the runway in front of us!  Reporters are just buzzing and the cameras are going off like CRAZY!! We knew right then and there we where about to see something different, young, flirty and playful but still very Couture, and I have to tell you Katya didn’t miss a beat!

Just as we thought it was all said and done the lights go out! Everyone is like what is happening and the music is still very LOUD, and then walks out this gown that had lights going thru it and it is just stopped everyone can you say “Amazing” the whole Ballroom just went up in applause!  Katya Leonovich is young, trendy and not afraid of taken risk with her designs!  We give you the Dress of Light!

That was truly something so different and just very Fashion Forward I have to say I really enjoyed this collection. 

Stick around for more from Lapazimageing Fashion Forward we have two more Designers collections to go and you Don’t want to miss it!

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