Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunday 09/12 Couture Fashion Week!

We are back live at the Couture Fashion Week and we are even more excited to see what is going to be presented on the runways today.  Last night after the show I met some really good friends for dinner and was just trying to tell them of what we had just been apart of and it seemed like I couldn’t tell them about the fashions enough to do it justice.. I am just so happy that we got the chance to see the show!

The Grand Ballroom is empty right now except for the reporters and photographers and a few Fashionistas and Fashionistos that are starting to filter in for the big show. 

Today the runway shows begins at 4pm and we are going to see 3 designers Nedret Taciroglu (Turkey), Abida Al Mahboub (Kuwait) and Siraj Sanad (Saudi Arabia).  I’m so ready and looking forward to it!  Finally it is time for the show to begin and the lights dim slightly and out walks this very somber looking woman carrying a Violin.  It is Violinist Jane Hunt and she is incredible.  She is wearing a black outfit like a corset and leggings and she is killing her performance!

Jane’s performance was excellent everyone in the audience just went crazy once she stopped playing and we just felt we where in for a treat again today.   The lights dim again slightly and we are so ready to see what is going to come out on the runway!  The music starts and its like water and kind of haunting, and then suddenly the first look at the Designers Collection takes to the runway!  This collection made me think of Pirates of the Caribbean meets Couture, the edges weren’t finished it looked as if someone had just torn the fabric and the underskirt was of tulle.. We give you Nedret Taciroglu’s Collection!

I have to say this collection was rather different for me and I’m not overly sure if I liked it or not but, the hair and makeup on the models was fabulous! We also met a women in the audience and she stated her daughter Natalie was one of the models in Nedret Taciroglu’s show. 

Nedret seemed to have combined two different collection we started off with Pirates of the Caribbean and then flowed into something totally different.  For me I didn’t see the cohesion of the line but I loved certain elements of the collection!

Wow! there isn’t any pause in between the shows today the logo for the Next designer is up on the LCD screen already!

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