Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sunday 9/12 Couture Fashion Week Continues!

Continuation of the 4pm show!

The second show is ready to start and the Designers’ Logo is on the LCD Screen, but a very long pause takes place.  Everyone is wondering what is happening because nothing is out on the runway.  We believe that the two shows were combined and you’ll know why I said this at the end.

I’m really excited over these particular Designers’ because I love the clothing from there Country and the fabrics are just beautiful and they have such a grace and unspoken elegance.  I thought may be we will see the traditional clothing from this region but you know I was wrong once before with regards to the Korean Creation Collection. LOL!!  Just to give you a little education on the wardrobe of Saudi’s and Kuwaitis the men kind of dress the same and the Traditional clothing consist of this:

* Thobe- A loose, long-sleeved, ankle length garment

* Tagiyah- Its a white knitted skull cap that is worn under the Ghutra

*Ghutra- Is the scarf that is tied upon the head with a Agal

For the women it is somewhat the same there Traditional clothing consist of:

* Thobe- The same as what was mentioned above

* Abaya- Like a cloak worn either loose and flowing or wrapped around the body

* Boshiya- Veil worn across the lower part of the face

* Surwal- Are like trousers worn under the Thobe

I’m really excited to see what we will be presented with, the show is beginning and the first look is just beautiful it is everything plus some.  The model comes out with no shoes on and walking on her tip-toes and moving so gracefully and she is wearing such beautiful gold and the garment is just amazing!  I know your ready to see the first look that hit the run way we give you just pure elegance and beauty!

The fabrics that Siraj Sanad choose are just beautiful and the art work that is hand painted on them and the rare jewels that are in laid into the garments are just spectacular!  

We where also treated to two pieces that where dedicated to NY and it was very moving to see and I loved every second of this show!

Then Just as we thought it couldn’t get any better he shocks us with stunning bridal gowns and I mean stunning!  The jewels that are in laid into the garment is just exquisite! I think this designer is a Visionary and has taken fashion to the next level and I’m just so thrilled to have gotten to see this amazing designer and to meet him!

I would like to introduce you all to the creative genesis of this most elaborate, breathtaking, alluring collection we give you Siraj Sanad! 

We hope that you enjoyed this Designers Collection as much as we did.. Stick around cause there is much more to come!

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