Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Couture Fashion Week, Takes Center Stage Continues!

Continuation of Saturdays 6pm Show

We are at the last 6pm Runway shows, and we are waiting to see what Catalin Botezatu of Romania will offer us!  I think that we are all just enthralled by all that was presented thus far and we just want to know how they will close this part of the show!

All of a sudden we hear the sounds of like owls hooting and birds singing and the music takes a tempo of something rather mystical.  Everyone is sitting on the end of their seat, just waiting to see what will come out from the darkness and the lights come up and this beautiful bird is standing on the runway!

The entire Ballroom just started to applaud and we knew we where in for a major treat.  I was so excited because as you know prior to any of the collections being shown we got the sneak peak of the makeup! Just in case you missed them before you can view them now.

The makeup and hair was so spectacular and now we are getting to see how it complements this particular Designers Collection!  Catalin Botezatu really wanted to let us know he was here and that we where going to be dazzled!  From the moment that the first look took to the runway you could hear nothing but the sounds of the cameras capturing every element, detail and turn!  The colors and the fabrics where just stunning and drew you in, it made you to see more!!  Catalin Boteazatu captured us hook, line and sinker!!

When this show ended the audience, reporters and camera people where all a buzz!  I knew right away that I had to see if we could get access to this designer and we got an opportunity to meet the Designer and to take photos of his collection up close and personal!

We have had an amazing day and its not over yet! We will be back here for the 8pm Couture Fashion Week show, so stay close to Lapazimageing Fashion Forward!

All photos provided by: DeMarco Robinson of LaPaz Image/Event Consultants of Philadelphia, PA

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