Friday, September 17, 2010

8pm Couture Fashion Week Show part 2

We are ready to see what Designer Luis Machicao (Peru) is going to offer us.  I’m a little tired because we have been having late night after late night and early morning after early morning.  My energy level is very high because I am just in love with every element of this Couture Fashion Week.  I have my coffee in had and just waiting for the dimming of the lights!

YES!! It’s Showtime!! The music comes on and the lights dim slightly and the LCD screen lights up!

The model takes to the runway and all I could think to myself once seeing a few models and the collection that this feels a little like Stepford Wives/Jackie Kennedy meets the 21st century and it is really amazing! The gloves the shoes the whole collection is very feminine and flirty but, has a sex appeal that isn’t overt.  Luis Machicao is really doing things that are so different from anything we have seen thus far! I think you are really ready to see Luis Machicao’s line

Pure beauty and elegance is all I have to say we give you the designer himself Luis Machicao.

Stay close to where all the action is Lapazimageing Fashion Forward! We will be right back with the closing show Edwing D’Angelo!

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Photos provided by: D. Robinson for: LaPaz Image/Event Consultants, Philadelphia, PA

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