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The 85th Oscar Awards-Style Review:

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Again another fabulous award season has come and we are always ready to see what celebrities are going to be wearing what fabulous Designer gown, as well as who will be a sure hit or a down right miss. This award season was no different for us then any other except we had one of our true favorite Designers that was apart of the Gifting Suites; Simone of Sisa Designs. If you aren’t familiar with this Designer we would invite you to take a look at her site located at

Well on with the Review: Let’s get right into our first celebrity Halle Berry, she is known for bringing such elegance and style to each red carpet event and this was no exception. Halle selected to wear a Metallic Versace gown that looked fabulous on her and her makeup was just flawless:

Halle Berry

We loved the drop earrings that she selected to wear with this gown, the vertical lines elongate her body-complimented her figure and gives her a beautiful silhouette. We feel that Halle got this so right and we give her and “A+”

OMG! Did you all see Anne Hathaway? Please tell us why she selected this gown or who selected this gown for her to wear? Seriously those darts made her look like she was having a nipple gate issue and it just wasn’t flattering to her body-type and we know that originally she was to wear a Valentino gown and she is a very close and dear friend of Valentino but, someone stated her gown was too similar to her co-stars gown and they went with this ratchet pink Prada (which we were rather stunned to find out it was Prada) Look at her face it says everything:

Anne Hathaway I don’t think we’re going to find her on the top of anyone’s best dressed list but, we think maybe in a few years she’ll be asked about her worst dress selection and this one will come to mind. We did love her hair the short cut has grown out more and she is really owning this look, which by the way is flattering to her face shape, for this look we give Anne a grade “D-“

Look out did Kristen Stewart fall back off the style wagon? She has been looking rather fabulous at red carpet events and one of the biggest events the 85th Oscars, she decided to fall back into her rut of looking thrown together:

Kristen Stewart We understand that you sustained an injury to your leg, which she showed up on crutches and had and assistant hold them for photos but, she looks like she forgot all about hair and makeup and oh by the way the Vampire look your just taking it too far and a little spray tan is your friend. Our grade for this look on Ms. Kristen Stewart is a definite “F-”

Stop the presses look at Sandra Bullock, she looks Ahmazing in her lace Ellie Saab gown. I think she hasn’t looked better if I may say so myself, I would say that motherhood has really set well on her:

Sandra Bullock  We loved her hair very sleek and simplistic but, it still had just enough to make her one of our favorites; only thing we would have liked to see was just a little bit more definition with her makeup a little dramatic eye or a pop of color on her lips would have just giving her that little push for a plus. Our grade for Sandra is a “A-“

Now this is going to come as a shock for many of you fashionistas and fashionistoes, but our next person that we just didn’t feel brought the wow factor to her Valentino gown was Jennifer Aniston. I know shut your mouths how could I say this you all are probably asking yourselves? I say this because Jennifer does the same ole-same ole the no effort look to her hair pale face and just stands there like here I am now fall over yourselves and give me best dressed:

Jennifer Aniston This is the gown that Anne Hathaway should’ve had on because she would have brought that flair to it. Valentino is amazing on the right body and this isn’t doing much for her figure and it looks like its a little too big in the bust and that she is trying to keep her arms down to just hold it up. Jennifer’s hair looks like she washed it and just showed up on the red carpet so for us this look get’s a grade “F.”

Did you see Charlize Theron? Good lord, Stop the Presses, Hold all Calls and Put Out the News-Flash!! Charlize, has found the fountain of youth and the sexy new little short hair cut just took her look over the top! I loved everything about her look and she really was working that gorgeous Dior Haute Couture gown:

Charlize Theron Charlize is just oozing sex appeal and not overtly, the little v-cut showing just enough cleavage her sexy toned arms and the gown is perfect for her body-type she is a real Glamazon we give her a grade of “A++”!

I have to tell you the shocker for us here at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward had to be Jennifer Hudson. Yes, we here feel that she always misses the mark somehow or another but, not this evening. Jennifer rocked a gorgeous blue Roberto Cavalli gown that really flattered her particular body-type and didn’t make her look boxy:

Jennifer Huddson This sequined gown is falling just so on her and the little peak-a-boo leg action is sexy and not showing to much because, Jennifer doesn’t have the most flattering legs but, this is making her look long and alluring and she got it right. We applaud your stylist for taking Jennifer’s look up a level and for this we give you a grade “B+”

We really didn’t understand why Kelly Rowland was at the Oscars but, we did love her look. Each time Kelly hits the red carpet she really brings the full package and she didn’t disappoint once again wearing this breathtaking Donna Karan gown:

Kelly Rowlands

This gown is bringing sexy back and she looks so statuses. Loving the high bun that she decided to rock the earrings are beautiful and her makeup is natural and flawless. Kelly is showing a lot of leg and we all know that this is one of her best features and we give her a grade “A”

This gown was one of our favorites and the Actress that wore it really carried it well. Jennifer Lawrence who is our best dressed of the night, wore this stunning Dior Haute Couture gown that stole the show and the night:

Jennifer Lawrence  We know that so many brides to be could see themselves wearing this gown and even the camera lady behind Jennifer really loved this look as you can see from this photo. She did have a little spill when she was on her way up onto the stage to receive her award but, she never looked more beautiful taking that little spill. We give Jennifer a grade of “Excellence and A+++”

Now there was two ladies that we didn’t even recognize, one being Renee Zellwager who honestly looked horrible in her Carolina Herrera gown, which didn’t even look like anything this amazing Designer would even create. The second was Nora Jones that we thought looked fabulous in her Tadashi Shoji gown (side note:What is she doing at this event, does she have new music?):

Renee Zellweger Nora Jones

I don’t know what is going on with Nicole Kidman lately but, she needs to either re-hire her stylist or get herself a new stylist because, she has been falling seriously short on these red carpet events. I mean from the Grammy’s to now the Oscars what is happening:

Nicole Kidmond I’m sorry we know that Keith Urban is your country husband but, honey did you really need to wear this gown? We know that L’Warren Scott is a genius when it comes to designing but, not so much with this sequined gown that you selected to wear. Nicole again you have fallen from your Hollywood grandeur and for this we give you a grade “F-“

Hey Nicole look at another Hollywood royalty- which is Catherine Zeta-Jones. OMG! This gorgeous woman just knows what looks amazing on her body-and she always makes a statement in everything she wears and this Gorgeous Zuhair Murad gown didn’t disappoint:

Catherine Zada Jones Look at her she looks stunning and her hair, makeup and jewelry is right on point! This gown is truly to die for and the right person is wearing it and she is owning it-Look at everyone behind her taking in her beauty and this magnificently designed and tailored garment. It’s flawlessly skimming over her curvy body and the sequin detailing is adding the right shape for her we bow to her another Glamazon Grade “A+++”

Two ladies that stunned us and looked just breathtakingly beautiful has to be Tabatha Coffey-Which gave us such great glamour in her Mark Zunino Couture gown and the Amazing and oh so Fabulous Robin Roberts that rocked a gorgeous blue Marc Bouwer gown and she looked AMAZING!!

Tabitha Robin Roberts We have to tell you we were stunned at how beautiful Tabatha looked and soft. You know she can look rather hard and her hair was just perfection!! Both of these ladies played to their straights Robin showing off her beautiful arms and face and Tabatha just showing off a more feminine side they both get a grade “A+ and Beyond”

This is our look back at the 85th Oscars Red Carpet and we have other photos that will be posted to our Facebook page located at make sure you like our page so you will have full access to Everything Fabulous!

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