Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 2-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week F/W2013-Carmen Marc Valvo

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Good second day of MBFW, we’re in here gearing up to get ready to head over to the Lincoln Center but, this storm has something else on its mind and Nemo is making sure we’re not going to be wearing anything but, plush sweaters and leggings with our boots. Well, just to let you know about our line up for today these are the shows we will be attending and bringing to you Fabulous LaPazions:

Rebecca Minkoff

Carmen Marc Valvo


This is a light day for us which is nice because we have a hectic day three and beyond. Well, we’re here and I’m waiting on the Carmen Marc Valvo show to begin and this weather hasn’t prevented all of us fashion addicted people. I guess due to the weather the show is late starting or its a trend of Mercedes Benz to just be about 20-35 minutes late and this was the same as yesterday. Thank GOD the show is ready and the first look hits the runway, I’m excited and now sitting on the edge of my seat! I love this collection and I can definitely see Carmen Marc Valvo on the red carpet if any of these actresses are smart and want to look Fabulous!

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I’m delirious with joy over this collection and could see myself rocking several things from this amazing Designer! The burgundy fur was just to die for, and the textures that he selected was brilliant! I love how cohesive and feminine this line was and that he didn’t take away from the regal feeling-Carmen Marc Valvo you knocked this one out the park!!


Don’t go anywhere we’ll be back with more for Day 2 of MBFW!

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