Monday, February 11, 2013

Day-1 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2013

Fashion Week 025

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Article By: Marisol DeGaines

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Hey LaPazions we’re back for another fabulous F/W 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NY. Its cold and a little hectic her trying to get checked in and the day is full with the list of shows that we will be covering and the line up looks like this (Not in any particular order):

David Hart

Sergio Davila


Kenneth Cole

Tadashi Shoji

Well here we go David Hart I’ve been looking forward to attending his runway show because, I’ve heard some really great things and I want to see what he is going to offer you Fabulous gentlemen! Finally got in and found my seat I cannot believe how chilly it is in here and trust me I’m not dressed for this kind of cold in here. The show is beginning and the first look is coming out onto the runway; and okay this is nice and somewhat like deja-vu. Meaning you have seen this look before but, it was when your father was younger and he rocked this look, I’m a little disappointed because I thought we was about to see something just totally Gorg and ridiculous for our fabulous fellas but, on the other had its nice to see them dressed like real men and sporting something different then the basic grey, black, brown and pinstripes. Here is your look at the collections tell us what you think and guy’s we want to know if these are looks you would rock?

David Hart F/W14 David Hart David Hart David Hart David Hart David Hart h-623_w-360-58 h-623_w-360-60 h-623_w-360-61 h-623_w-360-64 h-623_w-360-65 h-623_w-360-67 h-623_w-360-73 h-623_w-360-79 h-623_w-360-87 h-623_w-360-110 See what I mean, I’m telling you we’ve seen the cigarette pants and the very tailored jackets but, I have to say David’s eye for details is just right on point and the tailoring is just spot on! I loved the shoes that he presented with the look and how the guy’s where very GQ and clean cut made the look very cohesive.

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