Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Fall 2013-Ruffian

Fashion Week 025

Editor-in-Chief; Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Meah

Article by: Marisol and Lisa

Photographer: N. Mars


We’re here at our last show of this day and looking forward to seeing Ruffian’s collections. I think when it comes to a day like this you hope you pull the right name that is going to wow you and thus far, Erin is the only one that has been blown away this whole day.

You know looking around the room we see Actress Lydia Hearst, I also see that Ken Downing who is the Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus is in attendance so I guess he is looking to add more of Ruffian to their fall line-up which is great for amazing Stylist like our Editor-in-Chief and CEO/President Sonya LaRae and all of her clients. Also, in attendance is Steven Kolb, Kate Lanphear, Joe Zee of Vogue (wearing his Timberlands, which is very styled down for this gentleman) The fabulous Robert Verdi who makes looking cold chic with his winter gear. Oh thank goodness it is time and we’re waiting for the first look to come out onto the runway. This collection is very different a little dark and the peplum jackets are tailored to perfection, we also like the tweeds and the detailing of the zips:

h-623_w-360-85 h-623_w-360-1-5

This collections is totally ready to wear (RTW), very smart and I could see this as business ready or just a very chic woman who has a great social calendar would rock these looks. I’m not so sure on the fabrics that are a little more busier going hand and hand I think they could make great separates and be paired with other pieces from this collection would be really smart and polished:

h-623_w-360-242 h-623_w-360-93 h-623_w-360-96 h-623_w-360-170 h-623_w-360-185 h-623_w-360-205 h-623_w-360-210 h-623_w-360-218 h-623_w-360-219 h-623_w-360-224

I’m not overly taken with the collection it is just a little disjointed and the kind of gothic red ridding hood makes for a very different concept if I may say so and I’m not sure where this fits with the elegant business ready wear.



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