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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013-Rafael Cennamo

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Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Meah

Article by: Erin Lopez

Photographer: A. Brandinkowski


We’re here at the Rafel Cennamo show and I’m looking forward to seeing what he is going to present, because we’ve been hearing some great things about this Designer. Its a great crowd in attendance which is a good sign because, we noticed that if a Designer isn’t causing a stir the audience just isn’t there. We don’t know if you all are aware that Rafael, also showed during Couture Fashion Week and since debuting in 2006 he has had his finger held tight on the trigger of elegant, chic and classic couture styling. Show-time! I’m really excited to see what is going to be offered to all of us!!

OMG! Shut-the front door Rafael has done it again!! He has brought total glamour and elegance to his collection. I know most of you have heard and read “50 shades of Grey” well let me just tell you this breathtaking Designer has taken us “21 Shades of Gold” and he’s killing it and not stopping there! I’ve got to let you have just a taste at what we’re being treated to:


I know you just passed out cause we sure did, and this is just the tip of the Couture iceberg. Rafael Cennamo, manipulated cuts, lengths, textures and balanced this collection out beautifully with layers of satins, oversized cashmere’s. Pure perfection where glamorous classics meets the future and beyond, we can not say Gorgeous enough to do this Designer and his collection justice! Any A-list celebrity would kill to rock one of these Fabulous gowns:

h-623_w-360-237 h-623_w-360-92 h-623_w-360-102 h-623_w-360-106 h-623_w-360-122 h-623_w-360-174 h-623_w-360-196 h-623_w-360-209 h-623_w-360-217 This collection breathed life back into me and then on the other hand it just ruined the rest of the runway shows because, I’ll be thinking of this magnificent-opulent and totally brilliant collection and all others just may not step to the idea and thoughts that Rafael has burned into our minds.


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