Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week F/W 2013-Rebecca Minkoff

Fashion Week 025

Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Meah

Article by: Marisol and Erin

Photography by: B. Upshaw


We’re here at our finale show for today and its none other than the amazing Rebecca Minkoff, whom we love. I don’t think there has ever been a collection that we haven’t been taken by and I’m expecting the same for this season. OMG! I’m just pointing out to Erin that Ashlee Simpson is her and looking rather Glam if I may say so loving the new asymmetrical bob and the blonde-blonde hair cute little flirty RM skirt she’s rocking, love how versatile Ashlee is with her look never one to just get stuck in the same ole thing. I also see that Ashlee is hanging with Jaime King who is also wearing RM love the way she has her hair, kind of reminiscent of old Hollywood long billowy curls, very fashion forward these two are looking!

Erin, is so funny she’s not so much in love with the look that Jaime King is rocking she stated “Its like a knock-off of entertainer Rita.” LOl! It did make me think of the ex-girlfriend of Rob Kardashian once she stated this. Okay its show time the lights are dimming and they are asking all to step off the runway so they can remove the covering after all we are starting late again. This is a change then what we’ve seen from any of the runway shows that we’ve attended Rebecca has hired a live band to play while the models come out and strut their stuff on the runways (not so sure that I like the music). I like the direction and feeling of this collection, it feels rather modern and futuristic I’d like to find out more of the inspiration in this line because its such a drastic change from what we saw last season. I want to just tease you a little bit with a look from the collections:


Why we wanted to give you just a sneak-peek first is because, I wanted to speak about the details the zips how they are placed into the garments and the fabric selection is very different as well, kind of deconstructed and organic feeling to it with a breathability. I love how out of the box Rebecca is and that she isn’t afraid to take a risk much like a live band playing on your runway-which is a little distracting because you find yourself looking at them and then looking at the fashions:

h-623_w-360-59 h-623_w-360-37 h-623_w-360-39  h-623_w-360-41 h-623_w-360-42    h-623_w-360-48 h-623_w-360-49 h-623_w-360-52 h-623_w-360-55 h-623_w-360-57

I know very futuristic and fashion forward I loved it and like Erin stated “this line is so cohesive and smart, Rebecca is genius when it comes to creativity.” This was a great cap on our day and we’re looking forward to what tomorrow will offer!!


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