Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 3-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013-Marissa Web

Fashion Week 025

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Article by: Marisol DeGaines

Photographer: A. Brandinkowski


Hello Fabulous LaPazions, let me start off by stating that we have been having a ruff time here with Nemo. I think personally that MBFW needs to check the weather report prior to setting our dates because, for two years its been a little ruff on all of us who attend and have the job of getting materials and equipment over to the venue. Needless, to say we’re about to head over for day three and this is our line up for today:

Marissa Web (Marisol-Me)

Jill Stewart (Lisa Lentz)

Rafel Cennamo (Erin Lopez)

Ruffian (Lisa and Myself)

My word what a mess getting over here to the venue, but fashion knows no limits and we made it here and we’re off and running! I’m here to cover the Marissa Web runway show and I’m looking forward to this because its my first time seeing this particular Designers live runway show, I am familiar with her being that she was head Designer for J. Crew and this is her sophomore collection so, I don’t know what we’re about to be treated to but, I think its going to be good! Okay they’re ready to get things started and the tarp is coming up off the floor the lights dim and the first look comes out onto the runway, and its beautiful, classic and very feminine. I love that she has stayed true to her roots and did very chic retro feeling with a modern twist:

h-623_w-360-175 h-623_w-360-1-2 h-623_w-360-62 h-623_w-360-75  h-623_w-360-119 h-623_w-360-120 h-623_w-360-123 h-623_w-360-127 h-623_w-360-128 h-623_w-360-129 h-623_w-360-131 h-623_w-360-138 h-623_w-360-156 h-623_w-360-159 h-623_w-360-173  I love the use of leather and the tweeds very smart and the insets are done with great detail. You can see where she is so skilled in her tailoring and the pin darts in the slacks where just impeccable! I loved the details on the coats the fur was luxurious I would love to rock this coat or see it on a model for a fabulous photo shoot. I think Marissa was ready to really spread her wings and move out onto her own and to bring such a fresh air to the industry. I personally feel she is truly one to watch because, she is going to explode and take fashion beyond the norm!


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