Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week-F/W 2013-Nautica

Fashion Week 025

Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Sr. Editor: Meah

Article by: Lisa Lentz

Photographer: A. Brandinkowski


Hey Fabulous LaPazions I’m here at the Nautica runway show waiting for it to start. I hope to see something different for our gentlemen today other than this retro style that has been the big thing for each Designer. I don’t mind them taking a hint from the past but, please don’t just duplicate what was done and pretend like you thought of it first.

I see Actor Peter Facinelli, twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are in attendance today in this great messy weather. Perfect its time for the show to start and I’m excited because Nautica is known for there great parkas, the lights are dimming and they are removing the covering from the runway. The first look comes out and its just what I knew we would see fabulous parkas but, a nice change from their normal color pallet; I love this lemongrass coloring and the reds they added to the line very fresh and different. the fur trim still is lush and I like how they accessorized with patent leather black boots, and I don’t mean combat boots, there really stylish and fashion forward taking guy’s from grunge to fab. Loving it and I think you gentlemen are going to like rocking this seasons looks as well and adding you own flair is going to set you apart from others:

h-623_w-360-166  h-623_w-360-66 h-623_w-360-68 h-623_w-360-84  h-623_w-360-103 h-623_w-360-108   h-623_w-360-126 h-623_w-360-136 h-623_w-360-144    h-623_w-360-155 h-623_w-360-162

I’m not so sure I cared for how they had the beautiful plus cardigan with the leather belt around it, it felt a little to feminine to me but, it gave a new look for the guy’s. You know I loved all the sweaters and the pants where different being more tapered at the ankle very cohesive collection once again presented by Nautica.


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