Monday, March 4, 2013

Rihanna & Kate Moss Heat up Cover of V-Mag

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We’ve been hearing the buzz in regards to the recent photo-shoot that Rihanna and Super Model Kate Moss did for the March 2013 cover of V-Magazine, and all we could say was this was seriously not a PG13 type of shoot. The ladies are really channeling their sexy and S&M must have been the theme of the day, they didn’t hold back and both had a Kate Perry moment “I kissed a Girl and I liked it.” V-Mag decided to shot two covers for the March cover-one was a totally naked Rihanna with Kate sitting on her lap covering all the womanly parts and the other; is with Kate sitting naked and Rihanna straddling her. We could only imagine that Rihanna’s music must have been blazing on the set and S&M must have been in a constant rotation:

o-RIHANNA-KATE-MOSS-570 These two look beautiful the makeup with the deep smoky eye and jeweled lip plus the hair is very sexy. Kate looks really healthy and not as thin as we’ve seen her in the past; where Rihanna, is kind of rocking/channeling a more androgynous look with the very short haircut, taking on more of the masculine positioning with her body language. These two cover shots are basically the more innocent of the shoot because the rest is totally racy and here is your look at what else these HOT ladies were up-to:

Kate Moss and Rihanna, shot by Mario Testino, grace the cover of V MagazineGÇÖs GÇ£Dynamic DuosGÇ¥ Rihanna and Kate Moss in V Magazine  rihanna-and-kate-moss-v-magazine-2013--1361540884-custom-0  Do you feel that this photo shoot pushed the envelope? Do you feel that this shoot was tasteful? How far is too far? We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this overly sexually charged photo-shoot and the shots that have been selected to grace the cover of V-Magazine.


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