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Dolce & Gabbana on Repeat

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Hello Fabulous LaPazions, we here at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward always love a “Who Wore it Best” Topic. This time around we have three amazing A-lister’s that decided they all needed to rock the little short lace D&G tie front dress. I guess our job here is to determine who we felt rocked the look best and why we feel this way. Let us give you a look at the dress first and then we’ll get into the celebs that selected this particular dress and the events they rocked this carbon copy at.


Who are the three fabulous celebs that rocked the Dolce & Gabbana lace tie front dress? Jessica Biel, Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Lopez-all three ladies decided they had to have this dress even though Jessica Biel selected to wear it first to her movie premier, then Jennifer Hudson wore it and lastly Jennifer Lopez rocked it on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Out of all three woman I have to say it came as a shock that we felt Jennifer Hudson looked the best in this little lace dress.


 Let’s break the looks down via a Stylist view-

First: Jessica Biel:

The dress is fitting her body-very well but, due to the cut of the dress and her broad-shoulders; it makes her look a little boxy-plus this color isn’t doing a thing for her it simply is washing her out-then you top that with the hair and someone forgot to just use a little spray tan to balance her tone and warm her up a bit. Jessica also looked a little uncomfortable in the dress she didn’t exude the sex-appeal that we’ve seen and come use to. We personally feel this dress overwhelmed her and she didn’t just own the look.

Second: Jennifer Hudson:

Now look we know this is going to shock you all because, as you know we’re not the biggest fans of the wardrobe selections that J-Hud and her team seem to make but, this time around Jennifer is Doing It UP! The color looks fabulous on her, the cut is very flattering, hair and makeup are right on point. The dress falls at a good point on her to take away from the fact that at times she can look a little knocked-kneed and the nude leg is just beautiful. This is a very fresh and more youthful look that she is donning!! Knocking this one out the park YOU GO GIRL!!

Third: Jennifer Lopez (JLo):

OH-My, my, my: Jennifer as you know is a real risk taker when it comes to her fashions and she is very iconic in her style but, this time around she is not bringing it (flat line, checking for pulse). In all honesty out of all three ladies we feel Jennifer looks the worse in this dress and it makes her look well, a little dowdy and matronly (all of her 40ish and mommy of twins). I know I didn’t think it could ever be possible that something could just look so wrong on Jennifer but; this time around her Stylist did her a great injustice, and to add insult to injury the hair and the makeup big NO-NO! I think they (meaning her team of Stylist) knew that this Dolce & Gabbana dress was a little more youthful and it also required them to bring Jennifer’s look down (meaning trying to give her a younger look) to play it off better and the simplistic hair of half up trying to bring the playfulness of the outfit out but; then keeping it sexy just missed the mark (no pun intended) LOL! The color is all wrong for Jennifer it brings her complexion down and the shoes aren’t saying much for her either. (Notice all three ladies are rocking basically the same shoe)

As stated before, we know that Jessica Biel first wore this cute little number but, being that it seemed so popular and it went into rotation 2 more times, oh and by the way did we also mention that the last night of X-Factor, Khloe Kardashian wore something very similar-(just to make mention) 

khloe-kardashian-on-xfactor-Erica_vain khloe-kardashian-on-xfactor-Erica_vain2 Khloe looked amazing and we loved the nude shoe that she paired it with. None the less we always want to know-Who do you feel “Wore it Best?” 

Stay close to Lapazimageing Fashion Forward, because we have a fabulous article coming on the Color Trends for Spring 2013-That will help you develop and build your wardrobe.

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