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Red Carpet Style for a Budget Stylista:

Fashion Week 036

Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Neah Leslie

Article by: Senior Style/Reporter Marisol DeGaines

Photographs Provided by: Google and H&M


Good Fabulous TGIF LaPazions! As you know we’re always on the look for budget friendly styles that we see on the red carpet, let me just tell you we have it for you! Yes sit back and enjoy this article because you’re not going to believe this; because some of the top celebs are rocking outfits that literally only cost them about $60-$299-Your eyes aren’t deceiving you and you read that correctly we don’t mean $60,000 either!! How? The one and only clothing chain H&M are giving you and everyone a true red carpet fashion blast and major celebs like Viola Davis, Michelle Williams (Not Destiny’s Child Williams), Gennifer Goodwin, Amanda Seyfried and Kristin Davis all have rocked the H&M Red Carpet collection.

Top $35- Skirt $25 White Top $30-Black Skirt $25 Roseset $15  Blazer $35-Shorts $25 Dress $65

The new collection is very fresh and A-list ready and you’ll look just as amazing plus you can add accessories from the chain to complete your look. I guess what also blew us away was that we saw the first H&M Red Carpet collection look during the 85th White House Correspondence Dinner and didn't realize it:

Ginnifer Goodwin-$299 Gennifer Goodwin wore this look and added a little black belt and clutch which was also from H&M her total look for the night was about $300.00 I know fall off your seats but, to us Gennifer is bringing Budgetlista to a whole new high!! We want to give you a further look at the collection:

HM-Red-Carpet5 hm-conscious-orange-dress HM-Red-Carpet3 HM-Red-Carpet4 If this wasn’t one of the biggest announcements from the clothing chain yesterday, how about this; Beyonce Knowles-Carter is now the face of the clothing company. Yep this girl is on fire (in my Alicia Keys voice) she’s gearing up for her world renowned tour and just incase you didn’t know Solange Knowles also is a model for the brand. Beyonce, just did the photo shoot for the commercials and print ads that will be used during the campaign! The photo shoot took place in the Bahamas and she rocked a pair of the Brief shorts, sleeveless-top and a flower in her hair and the look isn’t overt its very tasteful:

Fashion-Beyonce-HM113322--300x300 beyonce-for-HM H&M is really making a mark in the fashion industry; and if you all watch the Wendy Williams show most of her audience that she selects for the look of the day are rocking something from H&M-The brand is becoming a household name and we think that you’re going to hear more and more about this store and more celebs are going to be wearing looks from the chain.

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