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Fabulous “DIY PROJECT” Eyeshadow Taken to New Level

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Hello to all our gorgeous LaPazions; I’m always looking for new fabulous project for all of us to try and this one is really great and works! Many time as women we purchase eyeshadow’s that we never use and they sit in our cosmetic cases and do nothing, well we found a great way to put them to use. You can make your own nail-polish out of your eyeshadow. Yes you read this correctly I’m going to give you tip by tip on how to do this fabulous “DIY Project” and if you have a daughter she’ll love this as well.

Now I’m going to give you the list of things you will need to do this Fabulous “DIY Project”:

* 1 small container

* MAC or NYX Eyeshadow (these brands don’t seem to clump)

* Clear Nail Polish

* Plastic Baggie

* Small Art Brush

* Nail Polish Remover (Just incase the color isn’t right)

Supplies Needed

Once you have  all your supplies and have selected the shadow color to make into your polish, these are the following steps you’ll need to take:


Place your eyeshadow into the zip-lock plastic baggie:

Eyeshadow in Baggie


Once you place the shadow into the plastic baggie take the back of your art brush and smash the shadow into fine pieces-until fully crumbled:

Crushing ShadowCrushing shadowSTEP 3:

Snip the end of the baggie with your scissors; a small hole that will allow you to place the shadow into your small container or empty nail-polish container:

Snip BaggieShadow in ContainerSTEP 4:

Add your clear nail-polish to the container and mix with your brush (you may need to add more pigment) if the color isn’t exactly what you wanted:

Add Clear Polish  Mix Clear Polish into shadowMG_1649-550x366 STEP 5:

Apply the nail-polish like you would normally-You could even add a little glitter to the color so it would have just a little more pop. You’ll still need to add a clear top coat to give the shine or you could wear the new matte finish that is very much so the hot trends on all the runways:

Finale resultsWe hope you enjoyed this totally Fabulous “DIY PROJECT” we’d love to hear your feedback. If you have anything else you’d love for us to try please feel free to email your suggestions to: promoservices4_lapazimageing@yahoo.com


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