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Hey Fabulous LaPazions, do you smell what’s in the air? Yes it’s FASHION WEEK!!! It really seems like this season kind of snuck up on us but; in true Fabulous Fashion we’re going to bring you some of the most amazing coverage of the hottest shows from MBFW, CFW, several other events we’ve been invited to; as well as Philadelphia Fashion Week, White Tie Gala, then off to overseas we go.

I have to tell you all this season is a bit crazy for all of us here at Lapazimageing Fashion Forward-Why You all maybe asking? Well let me just say we cannot believe that this year MBFW and CFW are on the same dates. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week kicks off:MBFW logo Couture Fashion Week Producer/Designer Andres Aquino decided that he needed to launch CFW from September 5-8 Spring 2014 Couture Collections:CFW logo We here at Lapazimageing just want to know are we suppose to be some sort of magicians where we can transport or wiggle our noises and be in two places at the same time? I think in all honesty there was and is a lack of consideration for those of us that are dedicated to bringing you the best coverage from the hottest runway events taking place in the city. We know its going to be another amazing season of fabulous breathtaking fashions and exclusive looks that you won’t get anywhere else but, really I think we need our track shoes for this year.

Tell us what you think and how you feel? Don’t forget to check in regularly with us during Fashion week because we will be posting our articles of each show that we cover and, we cannot wait to hear what you all think of this seasons collections!

As always we’re wishing you a Fabulous, Always Stylish Fashion Week! Just to get you ready here are a few photos from seasons past:Azria


Andres CFW

Laure Luxe

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