Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 2-MBFW Zimmerman S/S14

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Article by: Marisol DeGaines-Fashion Journalist/Certified Image Consultant

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Good Fabulous Day 2 LaPazions, we have had a great night and now we’re looking forward to a really beautiful day. It’s a little cool here this morning so my outfit hopefully won’t have me frozen all day but, in the name of fashion I don’t really mind. Today we have a slight change up here on the team our Editor-in-Chief, Sonya LaRae was called away on business so I’ll be heading up the team which is Nelson Nirmond, Lisa Cortez and myself. Today’s schedule is a little light which is great so let me give you who we’ll be covering:

1). 9:00 am-Zimmerman

2). 11:00 am- Carmen Marc Valvo

3). 2:00 pm- Nautica (Woohoo the Boys)

4). 3:00 pm- Rebecca Minkoff w/performance by Janelle Monae

I’m here at the Zimmerman show and I’m so ready to see the collection, I’ve been hearing a lot of great things for this season. I’m so excited to see that the band is setup for Janelle Monaes’ performance and the celebs are out and ready to see a show. Right now from where I am I only see Samantha Hutchinson and she looks really cute:samantha hutchinsonThe energy is high in the building everyone is talking snapping pictures, I see a few people I need to catch up with as well. Yeah its show time and the first look is coming out on the runway, very pretty and flirty love the sheer floral print the details of the ruffle oh wow the back is the big surprise its beautifully cut-out giving a halter feel but just enough skin showing very cute. This is such a gorgeous cohesive look and the fabrics are to die for I love the silver and the sheen to the skirts. I have to tell you all when you see what we are being treated to you’re going to go bananas over it:Zimmerman S/S2014Zimmerman S/S2014zimmermanzimmerI love how wearable this collections really is and how it has a sex appeal to it but, its not overt at all. I could see some of these pieces in a business woman’s wardrobe or being wore at a board meeting this collection is very currant and fresh:zimmermanZ7Z8ZimmermanzimmermanI love all the different elements to this collection and the details are to die for then when you thought it couldn’t get any better, she kills us with some fabulous swimsuits:ZimmermanzimmermanZimmermanZimmermanThis collection has such and allure to it that we had such a hard time selecting which photos to place into this post. I have to introduce you all to the amazing Designer Zimmerman:Zimmermann DesignerThere were so many different elements that we couldn’t show you everything here, but if you follow us on Facebook located at: to see all of our photos and the coverage from each day!

Say close to all the action next on our schedule is Carmen Marc Valvo

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