Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 1: MBFW Desigual S/S14:


Editor-in-Chief: Sonya LaRae

Senior Editor: Leah Leslie

Photographer: K. Johnston-Lapazimageing

Hey LaPazions, I’m looking forward to this particular show because, I’ve heard some really great things and its also my first time attending a Desigual show. I’m looking around the room and the crowd is very hipster and the girls are rocking like cute colorful little outfits.

The tarp is coming off the runway and they have the exact same swirl as the logo for the brand, which is super cute and gives a little something to the plain flooring. I’m getting a little excited to see the first look and its just too cute for words and I love the easy feeling, a little retro and the colors and patterns are psychedelic:dD1D3D4This collection is super fun and the models are doing a great job of selling the looks by just flaunting and dancing down the runway doing cute little posses. I’m seriously loving that this Designer isn’t taking things so serious but, you can tell he is totally serious about his work, details and craftsmanship:

D11D13D14The ending or closing of the show is just as fun as the runway show. They are coming down in pairs dancing, doing silly poses kissing its just too good! The best of the best is when we’re expecting the Designer to come out and we can just celebrate his fabulous collection; a model comes out with a sign thanking all of us from the Designers. THAT IS SO HOT!!:D34D35D36D41 Great show I think more Designers should add a little more personality and take a few risk with the models and just enjoy themselves more.

What are your feelings and thoughts regarding this collection and the light hearted manner?

Excellent way to bring our first day to a close, we cannot wait to bring you our coverage of day 2!

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